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Endless Chain quilt top

Loving this new gadget my husband brought home for me. It is the Ryobi Airgrip laser level. If you are a quilter, you know the constant issue of aligning, particularly bias, quilt edges straight? I knew there had to be … Continue reading

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Zucchini Mini Muffin Bites

There are so many of these tempting zucchini mini muffin bite recipes out there, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogland… Have you seen them? And all their variations?? If not, I’m not sure where you have been hanging out, but start noticing, you’ll … Continue reading

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Get the nifty little checkmark that not everyone has!

Originally posted on News:
Lots of you have been asking about website verification for Pinterest — the process that tells Pinterest that you own the website listed in your profile. Once your site is verified, your blog’s URL…

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Say, where did you come from?

Recently I had a surge of new visitors. I can tell by my stats. So I dig around to see why. Not the usual Pinterest fried rice or the original gluten-free Puppy Chow or even the surprisingly often searched out Happy … Continue reading

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Creativity is Alive and Well!

If you are visiting from the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, welcome! Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad you’re here! There are over 600 quilts entered as I write this, and I’ve only made it through about half of them. So … Continue reading

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Oh, how my garden grows!

Remember when I told you I had read that you could take the base end of a vegetable, in this case celery, and plant it directly into the ground and have it take root and regrow? If you remember, I … Continue reading

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Name This Quilt

Last week I asked for help with a vision that I couldn’t clearly see. I was given lots of great ideas, made some fabulous, new, blogger friends and this is where you all took me. ♪ ♫ I can see … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow 2012

Week 1 So many times I’ve tried to keep a garden journal and have failed miserably. This year I thought I’d take a different approach. A photo journal. What do you think? So, just a couple of days after planting … Continue reading

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Pinterest sucked me in again…

When I spotted this pincushion on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one. The popular name for this quilt pattern, Dresden Plate, reflects the romance of the Victorian Era with it’s love of elaborate decoration on household items and … Continue reading

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Pinterest Addiction

Do you Pin?  Are you Pinterest~ing?  Are you a Pinterest~ista? I was invited, by the team, back in the beginning, before I even knew what I was getting into.  I quickly realized I didn’t have the time to get involved … Continue reading

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