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Get ’em While You Can Can ~ Vanilla Peach Jam

These may not be the peaches, from Campbell, Missouri, that I grew up eating, and later canning, but Michigan grows their own mighty fine peaches, too. You know the kind you have to eat over the kitchen sink because the … Continue reading

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Oh, how my garden grows!

Remember when I told you I had read that you could take the base end of a vegetable, in this case celery, and plant it directly into the ground and have it take root and regrow? If you remember, I … Continue reading

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Eat more Kale

Do you know who is the largest consumer of kale is in this country?? Pizza Hut. Seriously. Now don’t start thinking Pizza Hut has become a place to go for healthy eating. They use if for decorating their salad bar…. … Continue reading

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Puppy Chow

The naturally Gluten Free snack. If you read the labels, that is. Memorial Day weekend can’t come and go without making a batch. We first had this back in the 90s when a fellow Girl Scout brought it, and copies … Continue reading

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You know about quinoa, right?

What Can Quinoa Do For You?? If this is your first time hearing about Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), you’re not alone. It is just gaining more attention as more people are learning about the nutritional value of this super food. While it is becoming less … Continue reading

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Best GF Brownies I’ve ever made!

No lie. Did you know May was Celiac Awareness month? Well, it is. 1 in 133 Americans have the very dangerous form of gluten allergy called Celiac. 1 in 20 have some form of gluten sensitivity. Lots of information available … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pancakes in all their glory

One thing we had not tried, since going gluten-free, was pancakes.  We had the best ever, family recipe, for Silver Dollar Pancakes and I just didn’t want to compete with that.  So since we’ve really been into pumpkin lately and … Continue reading

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