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I will continue to post new pictures, as I take names of  whose quilts are missing. So check back often!  Thanks. **

2021 Completes


2020 Completes 

2019 Completes

IMG_8337 IMG_8316

2018 Completes

Elephant Parade @Sewfrench Life's a Trip  DSC_7383.jpg DSC_7388.jpg DSC_7947

2017 Completes

DSC_5305 (1) DSC_5358 Ellis' Plaid quilt @Sewfrench Little Fishies quilt @Sewfrench

2016 Completes

Flower Garden II @Sewfrench Setting Sun quilt @Sewfrench Color Explosion quilt @ Sewfrench I Spy a New Baby @ Sewfrench dsc_4078 dsc_4949

2015 Completes

Fan Quadrille by Sewfrench  Drunkard's Path Animal quilt by Sewfrench Turning Leaves by Sewfrench

2014 Completes

trees quilt Always in My Heart a Sewfrench original Endless Chain quilt by Sewfrench Kansas Twister quilt by Sewfrench  Checkerboard Kona quilt by Sewfrench Birch Trees by Sewfrench

2013 Completes

 Sweet Strings quilt Equilateral triangle quilt  Krystal's ottoman quilt 

Twinkle Quilt Cross Terrain quilt  modern circle quilt Head Over Heels in Love quilt Take a Hike landscape quilt by Sewfrench Marcia Derse fabric Birch Trees quilt Granny Square quilt

2012 Completes

Honeycomb quilt Kaleidoscope Quilt Leave a Trail quilt by Sewfrench 

  Kona solids quilt Kona solids mini quilt Kona solids quilt Sunlight in the Gray Forest cross terrain quilt Kona solid quilt charity quilt

2011 Completes

kona solids quilt  Andrews quilt 

Brigitte Heitland Kona cotton solids original quilt by Sewfrench 

Memories quilt by Sewfrench

2010 Completes

mosaic quilt by Sewfrench   

Kona solids quilt by Sewfrench Sam's quilt An original quilt by Sewfrench 11-30-2010 String quilt

2009 Completes

scrap quilt Nine Patch quilt by Sewfrench Bento Box quilt by Sewfrench An original by Sewfrench

Simple boy quilt  

2008 Completes

 Emma's quilt 2008 Flower Garden quilt

2007 Completes

Abisue 2007 Amanda's graduation quilt 2007  Circle of Life quilt by Sewfrench

2006 Completes

Liams quilt 2006 Isaiahs quilt 

2005 Completes

March/April 2005  2005 

2004 Completes

Tanners Quilt 2004 

2003 Completes

 Tina's quilt 2003 Jennifer's quilt

2002 Completes

Spencers Quilt Todd's quilt 2002 Jessica's quilt 2002

2001 Completes

2000 Completes

 Kim and Mike's quilt 2000

1999 Completes

Lisa and Bill  Madison's quilt

1998 Completes


1997 completes

 Pauls quilt 1997 

1996 Completes

1995 Completes

 Paul's rehab quilt 1995

1994 Completes

1993 Completes

1991 Completes

1988 Completes

1982 Completes


1980 Completes




5 Responses to Quilts

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  4. knettycraft says:

    Wow… all this looks really great…. I’m a really beginner…. just finished one (baby)quilt… will see how it is when I look back on 30 years quilting… 🙂


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