Sunlight in the Gray Forest

…is finished!

Pearl set forth, at a great pace, and, as Hester smiled to perceive, did actually catch the sunshine, and stood laughing in the midst of it, all brightened by its splendor, and scintillating with the vivacity excited by rapid motion. The light lingered about the lonely child, as if glad of such a playmate… ~The Scarlet Letter: Chapter 16: A Forest Walk

I want to thank everyone who had opinions when I asked for help to Name That Quilt. I really liked Matchsticks, suggested by Debbie, but something about a baby quilt and fire didn’t sit well, with me…. I was actually thinking along the lines Melissa was when she said Symmetrical Forest? Grayed Trees? (not sure why I’m seeing trees here!) lol Thanks Melissa for forcing me down that path of thinking harder!

And the back. I cut the selvage off, to remember the name, and now it is nowhere to be found. But I did do some pretty extensive searching, before I put it in a safe place, and didn’t find it anywhere on-line. I *love* this fabric!

I searched for a long time before finding this one at my, new to me, local quilt store, Attic Window. I had been in this store 10 years ago, or more, and they mostly carried Civil War reproduction fabrics. I decided to run out there again, because I can NOT believe Grand Rapids does not have any more quilting stores than the few I know about! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! It was bought out, several years ago, and while they still have all the repro fabric they also have all the newest lines, too! Many things I had only seen online. I got to fondle and leave my finger prints all over so many pretties! I have to let my credit card cool off before I can go back!

I couldn’t have been happier with the hand drawn leaves of this print I found near the register! I think it goes perfectly with the tree feeling of the front.

Now for the details….

Crinkled in at 41″ x 38″.

The quilt face fabrics are Kona solids. Don’t quote me, but I am pretty sure they are Ash, Coal and Butter. I do not have my Kona card with me, to double-check, but I will confirm and correct when I get a chance!

The splashes of color and binding is Pinfeathers by Carina Gardner for Northcott. Looking at it up close you can see that it mimics the Butter Kona.

Quilted with Aurifil, in a light gray. I am not sure how to read their colors, yet! My first time using this thread. I have to say it was all I had read and more. It is beautiful to work with. I’ve already picked it up in a creamy off white for my next project!

1/4 – 3/4″ organic freehand quilting using my walking foot took an hour and 10 minutes. Much faster than hand quilting, I do have to admit. I made up what I call miles and miles of continuous bias binding using one square yard of fabric. Elizabeth and I use the same method. I then stitched it on by machine and hand stitched it on to the back. You can never convince me I need to machine stitch my bindings, LOL! It only took about 30 minutes.

Batting: Organic rayon and bamboo blend by Fairfield, another first. Not cheap, but I did get it at 50% off. Still not cheap. A lovely hand to this and how fitting a choice for this quilt.

Organic, organic, organic… quilting, batting…. How appropriate for a tree quilt!

It seemed a little stiff after quilting. Well of course, you say. There is a LOT of quilting on this baby! After washing, it relaxed and crinkled to 41″ x 38″. It lays perfectly flat and I couldn’t be happier with the experience of machine quilting it.

Thanks for everyone’s design help! It wouldn’t be the same without it!

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28 Responses to Sunlight in the Gray Forest

  1. Janet K says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! I love the design, the backing, the quilting – and you are so fast! Hand stitching bindings seem to take me quite awhile!


  2. Melinda says:

    Just lovely, Lori! And I love the name!


  3. Wow, that is so pretty! I am just learning (over the past few months) how quilting can make sure a big difference in the overall look of the quilt. I’m sure that took a long time but it look spectacular!


  4. Beautiful quilt! I love the quilting. It really sets it off well!


  5. marjorie says:

    lovely quilt…and your quilting is excellent…I thought of Pogo when I looked at it…lol pogo sticks I guess…not sure why…lol. Thanks for commenting on my block…hurrying is exactly what happened…and for some reason was thinking one of the solids was going where a print did….going to redo it later on…way too busy; no effect.


  6. Your quilt is lovely; I especially love the color combinations and balance, and I know what you mean about smoking credit cards after leaving a great quilt shop… 😉 Thanks for your sweet comment about my double 9 patch quilt!


  7. Great name choice! I LOVE your quilt. So cool and crisp and the quilting too. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!


  8. That is just beautiful!!! 🙂


  9. Lovely quilt. I’m getting to like solids more. And thanks for sharing your process! That’s always helpful.


  10. Sarah Craig says:

    Oh, that is a beautiful quilt! Coal and Ash are my two favorite Kona colors right now, so this really rings my bells! Whoop whoop!!


    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks, Sara! I’ve never been a huge gray fan, more of a sand/stone Kona girl myself. But boy am I seeing where gray, ash particularly, is a fabulous *new* neutral!


  11. Dora Scheer says:

    Wonderful quilt–and a great title for it too.
    If I could do bindings that fast, I might go back to hand stitching them!


  12. Gemma says:

    Oh, I love that quilting! What a beautiful quilt! I bought some aurifil recently but haven’t used it yet. Might have to move the sewing aside and get started on the next quilt 😉


  13. Liesl says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the simplicity.


  14. citricsugar says:

    Absolutely lovely. Just gorgeous!


  15. Elizabeth says:

    So many awesome things going on here; the meaningful name for the quilt, the quote from a book, Aurifil thread, continuous bias binding hand stitched to the back; the need to know the exact name of each color of fabric you use. You must be a kindred spirit. That is a beautiful quilt! Thank you for linking up!

    About the Aurifil thread; hopefully this isn’t too pushy. I really just want to share, so if you already know all this, please disregard. If not, I hope this is helpful. I’ve done a little digging for the best prices and as of my last search, Red Rock Threads is it. They have the lowest shipping and the lowest thread prices, plus they have the names of the colors, as well as the numbers, on their site. You can get a color card at Monogrammed Heirlooms, but theirs is a bit pricey, or you can get one at Bytowne Threads for a much more reasonable price, but they’re in Canada, so shipping will be more expensive and take a little longer.

    xo -E


    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, E! I have not researched the best prices of Aurifil, so I appreciate that information. I do recall being at their website a long time ago. Apparently I’ve been thinking about this for a while!
      Kindred spirits, you say? So you are a detail oriented, perfectionist, too? It can be a tough life, wouldn’t you say?


  16. Kirsten says:

    Stunning quilt – love the different shades of grey with the pops of lime!


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