Name This Quilt

Last week I asked for help with a vision that I couldn’t clearly see.

I was given lots of great ideas, made some fabulous, new, blogger friends and this is where you all took me.

♪ ♫ I can see clearly now, the rain has gone… ♩ ♬

I picked up the green fabric at my local fabric store, it is really a nice lime green, not quite the fluorescent that it appears on my screen. It is Pinfeathers by Carina Gardner for Northcott. It has a little pattern to it that plays off the yellow. I’ll take better pictures later I was in a hurry, this morning. I also get miles and miles of continuous bias binding made, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready for this quilt and at least one more.

I think the green was the pop it needed.

Pinfeathers by Carina Gardiner for Northcott

So, a couple of days ago, I was reading a Modern QuiltUnlimited blog post about What’s in a Quilt Name.

Daughter and I went as far as to try what one of the commenters suggested. Choose a magazine and randomly open up a page and pick 2 or 3 words and that should be the name of the quilt.

We came up with:

Smidge of Orange, maybe smidge of green?

Mediterranean, I could possibly see cheese and olives…

Last Spring. We may be on to something here..

Did you happen to read it? If not, you should. Then come back and tell me what you think I should name this quilt. LOL!

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18 Responses to Name This Quilt

  1. Debbie says:



  2. msminnesota says:

    You’re right about the green – just the pop it needed!
    I like Debbie’s suggestion of Matchsticks! I think it fits!


  3. Melinda says:

    Limeade or Pinch of Lime.


  4. P J Monroe says:

    perfect adjustments!


  5. KurtzCrafts says:

    Symmetrical Forest? Grayed Trees? (not sure why I’m seeing trees here!) lol


  6. Kim Jacques says:

    The world is black, the world is white
    It turns by day and then by night
    A child is black a child is white
    Together they grow to see the light, to see the light.


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