charm quilt by SewfrenchAs seen on
Love To Sew
Free Quilt Patterns

Jewelry Pouch TutorialAs seen on
The Quilt Show

Free Jewelry Pouch Tutorial @ SewfrenchAs seen on
Show Off Fridays

Zippered bag @ Sewfrench.comAs seen on
Quilt Story

Bubblequilt by Sewfrench

Quilt Festival Winner | “Bubbles”

Out of this World by Sewfrench

Quilt Festival Winner | “Out of This World”

Oakshott quilt by Sewfrench
Quilt Festival Winner | “Blowin’ In The Wind”

Endless Chain quilt by Sewfrench
As seen on
Richard and Tanya Quilts
My Quilt Infatuation

Pillowcase as gift wrap at SewfrenchAs seen on
Richard and Tanya Quilts

 Freestyle Birch Trees by Sewfrench

In Color Order | Favorites – Freestyle Birch Tree

Oakshott quilt by Sewfrench

Featured in Make Modern magazine
Issue 4 ~ March/April 2015

IMG_3876Garden Party
 My Quilt Infatuation


1 Response to Featured

  1. TerriS says:

    Hi Lori…came across your site by “accident” via pinterest. I love your quilts and would like to know where you got the pattern for the “Diamonds” quilt. I have looked online and haven’t found one like that. It makes a beautiful kids quilt. Also, I am going to be starting T-Tapp myself. I have had a set of DVDs for a while but, due to a series of events, haven’t been able to do them. Starting today, I’ll be T-Tapping my way to better health, continued weight loss and overall toning. I’ve lost 22lbs so far and am ready to exercise.


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