Another sort of coffee maker

And it’s not a cabana boy, I promise you….

This is how I spend a down day, leasuirely quilting, watching old movies, today included Deliverence, (great actors, some who should have stopped after this one, if I do say so myself) and reading blogs and links to blogs, and links to links until my tray at the bottom is so full that my computer freezes.  You do that, too?  Right?  Right?  That’s normal, it really is………

It’s cold out there, we must stay warm, I say.  That’s where the laptop and quilting comes in to play….

Just one of the things I drooled over today…..  Guessing my wood loving, Barista experienced daughters and brother and brother in law and sister…  oh and nephews and nieces would probably appreciate this, too….  It’s a piece of art.

Is this not the coolest looking coffee maker ever?  Just look at the grain of that walnut. Fine, mighty fine grain, I say.  Look at the sheen of this board.  It has to be a curly walnut, right?  Does walnut do that?  All I know is that it is beautiful, in it’s simplicity. And mechanics.  I do know that….

Though we are not our parents, who bought every coffee maker known to man, this is an incredibly cool looking coffee maker, in my opinion.  I know the best coffee beans and where to get them.  And drip is the best method, you know.  Okay, well, French pressed is right up there, too, Illy, french pressed, in France, while sitting in a sidewalk coffee bar….

but still…….  I can’t be on the streets of Paris, every day.  Well, I could, no, I couldn’t.  I really couldn’t….  That wouldn’t be right….

This is pretty sweet.  I would adore this to take up counter space on my counters.

Now, if I only knew a woodworker, I could figure out the rest….  Then maybe we could spend more time in Paris.   Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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2 Responses to Another sort of coffee maker


    Simple yet elegant. That’s what I say. Though, the price seems somewhat steep to me. Yet, I am not a coffee drinker. However, I bet your partner in crime could make you one in his cute little shop.


  2. Tara says:

    Yes, you’re right on all accounts Lori!!!

    First of all, jamming your computer up cos it’s having an information melt-down (I do that too) and secondly about the coffee maker!
    It’s cool 🙂
    We have Illy here too, so even if you can’t spend all your time in Paris, France, you could always spend some of it over here, in Heraklion, Crete!! LOL!! :))


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