New Placemats…


I have been thinking about doing these for an entire year.  I rarely make things for myself, no aprons, no makeup bags, no pot holders, no napkins, you get the idea….Okay, I may have a quilt or two, I made, but for everyday living, not so much….

But when I opened my Christmas present, from Peter, commissioned especially for me, from a favorite *up North* potter, Benjamin Maier. Christmas 2009, **new dishes** I was beside myself.  Love, love, love them!  I couldn’t have designed them, shape, style and/or color, any better myself.  Surprise, surprise, he is good, always, and he did good, once again.  And apparently we took very few pictures that year….  Well, anyway…..  I knew I wanted to make placemats, for sure.  I had some that worked, but what fun to design and create…  You know?  Anyway, I got two finished sometime before Easter and quickly realized I did not have enough ideas ready to complete what I needed, for company, so I put them on hold.  Then I put a rush on it, thinking for Thanksgiving, finished another and then realized we would not be hosting Thanksgiving…. Finally, in a lull between projects, a friend created a new quilt, in a pattern I had been contemplating, and I decided that could be #4.  I could double dip.  Double dipping is good.  I could test the pattern for a quilt, as I made me #4 placement.  After than one, I quickly decided 4 was good enough, for now. Heck there are only two of us and who needs company to set a nice table?  Not us.  Ever.                                                        I can always do more as the creativity strikes…….

Kona Cotton Solids Placemats

With a Kona Color card and over 200 shades to choose from there is always the exact color available.

What do you think?  If I had only used the ruler and square to level this photo a little more accurately, for photography purposes???   Very Type 4 of me……  I know, I can’t help it….  I am what I am….

Whatcha think?  Any additional drawings/style or ideas out there???

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13 Responses to New Placemats…

  1. Rooster says:

    I love it! The diamond one is fantastic. How about a Kandinski-type one like my quilt?


  2. Penny Nelson says:


    Comment? How ’bout wow! Really snazzy.



    I love them. I will take 4 to go please. I really like the one with the multiple blocks. Top right hand corner. What do you call that pattern. Anyway, very nice. Did
    Benjamin Maier also do your place setting?


    • sewfrench says:

      Ha Ha, right, Pam. And what colors would you like???
      That pattern is called Plain Spoken. The others I created, which just seemed simple and Frank Lloyd Wrightish, very much our style. The Plain Spoken one, isn’t quite our style, but boy do I love it! I think because there are additional colors? Anyway, I can definitely see making a quilt from that design.
      Plain, Spoken…. isn’t so plain……
      Benjamin did do our place settings. I edited and clarified that!


      • PAM FALCINELLI says:

        Oh I like me some burgundy, green, and blue. Earth tones would be nice also. Well, you husband can pick out some nice gifts. He has good taste and obviously knows you well. Ha. After all those years I should hope so. Keep up the fun work. I enjoy your blog.


  4. Tara says:

    Your talent knows no bounds!


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