Love You Vibes are in the Bag.

Busy, busy, busy around here. We moved up to the cottage for the summer, planted the deck garden and also a couple of little plots at the community garden. Krystal and her husband were able to get up for a visit before the expected arrival, in late August, of their first child. Daughter Amanda overlapped her visit so she could hang out with her sister, too.

Community Garden plots

Just cleaning up and opening up the cottage has been a real chore. Deck washing, flower planting, dusting, vacuuming… For only 100 days of summer, the clean up feels never ending. I was so thankful my sister came and surprised us for the baby shower and then stayed and joined us in getting the cottage opened Up North. She is a master at weed pulling and window washing! She even completely cleaned out the pond something we don’t do but every few years and apparently she thought this was the year!

Cleaning and filling the pondThis is the same sister who gifted me with the huge bag of zippers. So as soon as she left I threw together a couple of pouches for her out of the very small variety of fabrics I brought with me to the cottage. The first fabrics she specifically chose so we brought them north. Not surprisingly, we didn’t seem to find the time to sew while she was here! This one is a combined variation of the Triple Zip and Open Wide bags.

Triple Zip pouch variation @ SewfrenchI did bring my Liberty of London collection, for a totally different project, and I had the Kona solids left from the Kanga Roos quilt and that is all I have to work with. I was somehow able to mix and match and squeak out enough to make a second bag. And though the bags don’t match, or even coordinate, I don’t think it matters because bags are used for such different things. This one could be one of my favorites ever. Some how using what you have and challenging yourself seems to make for the best projects. Love that Liberty of London print. Quilting the Kona Ash with a layer of Quilters Dream batting, for the bottom half,  helped to give the bag more body. Now to just get to the post office!

Double zippered open wide pouch by Sewfrench

Apparently I have been on a bag run. I love how quickly they go together when all your other projects are long term.  I have made several other little bags as recovery gifts lately.

This one was made with primarily low volume 2 1/2″ candy charms that I received in a swap. I had such a large variety that I was able to choose ones that I felt reflected the personality of the recipient, my friend M, living half the country away, and undergoing a tough surgery and recovery. I chocked it full of little things that I thought might make a lengthy hospital stay just a little more comfortable. Mostly I filled it with healing vibes. I think it worked.

Zippered bag

The next one I made for my niece K who also under went a tough surgery. While I also used 2 1/2″ swap blocks on this one, I switched it up and used Noodlehead’s Open Wide zipper installation method. I chocked it full of things to paw through as she lay around recovering from an intense surgery. Chap sticks, lotions, nail polish along with remover pads, footies, mints and candies, things she may have never tried and old-time favorites, too. This high school senior had two rods inserted in her back to correct scoliosis. She is in for a long slow recovery and just wanted her to know we are thinking of her from far, far away! I hope she liked it!

Zippered bag by Sewfrench

So that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you?

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27 Responses to Love You Vibes are in the Bag.

  1. mtetar says:

    You’ve been very busy and creative, and your photos shows. Continue to Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar


  2. Your bags are adorable!!! 🙂


  3. Vera says:

    These are lovely. I like both these patterns as they are really great. You showed some fun variation.


  4. RobinSue says:

    The bags are fantastic. It’s such a great feeling to finish a project. The recipients are certainly lucky to have you in their lives.


  5. Heidi says:

    These bags are sure to warm some hearts, they are all adorable!


  6. salliesue says:

    Your bags are just wonderful! What a great, thoughtful gift!! Whoop whoop!


  7. Karen Schulz says:

    visiting from Such a sew and sew. July finishes. These are amazing. I love love them all. How lucky you are to have a summer cottage


  8. Vicki says:

    Bags and pouches made with love are the very best kind! For having so little, you sure made the best of it!!!


  9. The Sassy Quilter says:

    Love the monogram bags!!! It looks so lovely up there and that is the neatest garden I have ever seen, not a weed in site. I had a small pond once and had to ditch it…too much work for such a little thing:)


  10. Great bags! I was wondering if you would let me feature your bag made out of 2 1/2 candy on my July post? It would be for “Quilters Candy Unwrapped”. Thanks Lisa


  11. Debbie says:

    Delightful bags!


  12. Linda says:

    I love the way you’ve added a little pocket in the front of the open wide bags. Is that difficult to do? I also love the monograms. Is that a fabric letter that you fussy cut from some alphabet fabric, or did you stamp it or something else? So adorable!!!


    • sewfrench says:

      Linda, making a welt pocket is the easiest zipper application I think there is. I’m not sure why it’s not used more often. After doing a quick search this is one tutorial that looks right and is pretty much how I do them, I am sure there are many more if you wanted to search.

      The fabric is a font fabric that has large, 1 1/2″, lettering from several years ago, before type fabric was cool. But… at the time my youngest was in college studying graphic design and she thought it was cool. We just never got around to doing anything with it, until now. Just don’t tell her I cut into it, it might not be as suitable for pillows, anymore… When I get home again, I’ll check and see if the selvedge is still intact.


  13. Jen says:

    Found you from Quilt Story, love your bags – you are very talented!


  14. Cecilia says:

    I found you through In the boon docks. I love your bags, so cute.


  15. Judith Bell says:

    Your bags are gorgeous! Have you used a pattern and if so which one and where can I order it? Love and find joy in your wonderful expected grand baby. I have 6 grand daughters from age 10 to twins age 23. They are all members of Granny’s Girls’ Club and are so much fun!!


  16. Your bags are wonderful and I agree we can make them in all different fabrics because we use them for so many things. Kudos they are wonderful.


  17. Elizabeth says:

    Your bags are beautiful! And such thoughtful gifts! Congrats on some great finishes and thanks for linking up!

    xo -E

    P.S. What a wonderful sister you have!


  18. I love the two momogram bags. Is the monogram embroided on? Your garden looksgood, enjoy your summer at the cottage.


  19. I like your two monogram bags. Is the monogram embroidered?

    Your garden looks good and hope you enjoy the summer at the cottage.


  20. Lisa says:

    Lori, You are amazing!


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