Zippered Card Pouch

Back in 2015, when I first published this post, I had so many negative comments about this being an impossible pouch to make, I could not even publish them.
Obviously it is possible to make. I made it! Easy? No. But definitely doable.

So when I received an email from Anna Graham, aka Noodlehead, featuring her newest pattern design, the Yarrow Wristlet and Yarrow Pouch, (on sale for 20% off through Sunday, January 16th 10pm CST)  I had a flashback to this advanced skill level, zippered card pouch I made so many years ago. I have used many of Noodlehead’s designs, over the years and have blogged about a few of them, The Open Wide bag  and the Poolside Tote so I know her pattern must be easier to follow that the original Craft Passion one I used! Anna will also to be doing a sew-a-long, stating January 27, along with videos, which I know should make the construction go smoother.

This is in no way sponsored, I do not personally know Anna, but I do know her patterns are professional and I don’t remember ever having an issue with them. She also sells the best zippers, hardware and leather trim for her designs!

If you make this pouch, or Anna’s, I would love to hear your experience!


I don’t know about you but this pouch has been on my radar since I first saw it a really long time ago. I think not only the beautifully coordinated fabrics but also the adorable zipper is what hooked me. And the idea of storing all those grocery store cards, hotel cards, frequent travel cards… in one place that is not in my billfold sold me!

Zippered Card Pouch
So when I finally needed a little pouch, to enclose a gift for my daughter-in-law, I decided I would have a go at it. This is the reason I took on learning how to shorten a metal zipper.

Zippered Card PouchI followed the directions, exactly.

Birthing a pouch at SewfrenchAnd magically it worked!

Zippered Card Pouch at SewfrenchI feel like I am a very experienced seamstress. I sewed, for a living, for many, many years. I did alterations. I created bridesmaids’ dresses. I did upholstery. I made curtains. I made the family’s clothes. I replaced more zippers, coats, billfolds, jeans……

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