Anthropology Bathrobe reinvented

It feels good to back off the quilting and get back into some apparel sewing. I’ve always loved it but it’s not as easy as quilting. Quilting you just do. It’s relaxing. Apparel has to fit or it’s a waste. Nice (or appropriate for the purpose) fabrics are harder to come by for clothing. Buying them on the internet is always a surprise with the quality and colors… It’s sometimes just easier just to buy what you’re looking for. Bargains are more often had in ready to wear as opposed to fabric stores. Anyway… That’s what I’ve been doing in the last week or so. Making plans for my spring and summer wardrobe. First up a much-needed bathrobe. Seems easy enough. Fabrics aren’t as much of a concern. It doesn’t usually stray far from home. Same with fit.

Our youngest daughter received this beautiful Anthropology bathrobe for Christmas or maybe it was her birthday.

It is gorgeous and the snuggliest bathrobe ever. It is the lightest, sheerest voile, inside and out, then filled with a superfine filler that feels like a poly quilt batting but only fibers thick. I haven’t opened a seam to see what it is filled with, but boy was I tempted to. I then found myself in possession of a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler‘s Soul Blossoms series in the Bliss palette. This colorway has been calling to me since it came out. I love the softness of the Periwinkle. It reminds me of the color of opals. And I love opals. Of all the stones out there, I love opals best.

I decided to make myself an *Anthro* styled robe. Anyone who has been around during coffee hour at our house, over the last 10 years, knows that the Jedi robe has needed to be replaced for over 7. It served me well, but it’s time to pack it away.

So….. Let the frustration begin!

I had a robe pattern that came along with the Christmas pajama pants pattern. The pattern paper made the perfect material to use to cut my own pattern. The one in the package was HUGE in a size XS…. Pattern making is not my favorite way to start a project but sometimes it is the only way to get what you want. Same thing happened with the Christmas pajamas….

I first created a patchwork fabric, hand quilted it with an embroidery thread, then made it into a robe. That is the challenge, anyway. Never mind lining it with a thin batting like material and then serging all the seams and then deciding it felt like you were wearing a quilt and having to remove all the serging to remove the batting. Yeah, about 4 days of work, putting it together, then taking it apart, then putting it back together and re-embroidering it in a style I’m totally unaccustomed to. Big quilting stitches is not in my vocabulary…. It looks like I have lots of chances to practice, this week…

 Anyway, it will so be worth it because it will be made of the fabrics I love and I’ll wear it forever. If I ever get it finished. Stay tuned next week, I’m getting close!

P.S. It’s finished and I love it!!

Anthropology knock-off

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3 Responses to Anthropology Bathrobe reinvented

  1. chatzakity says:

    That is so beautiful Lori! WOW!


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