Finally, the finishes are rolling in.

As for what I am in the process of working on? I’ve got a menswear blouse in the makings, a copycat skirt and an ear buds holder on the cutting board. I will pause work long enough to get the camera and put it to work in a bit!

Remember the Anthropology bathrobe I was copying a couple of weeks ago? Well, it is finished and being put to good use.


I just love it! I found the perfect ribbon for the tie and backed it in one of the fabrics to give it more body. I am also loving Amy Butler‘s Soul Blossoms series in this Bliss palette. It’s just a tad bit heavier than most quilting fabrics. Two layers of the softest, snuggliest fabric, with no filler was perfect. It matches last years Christmas pajamas, too. Bonus!

Enough sitting around, petting myself, there are scraps to be used. Sew Serendipity Bags by Kat Whitt has been calling my name since Christmas.

Now I have scraps of some of my favorite fabrics to put to use in a more public way.

I love to make bags and purses and it’s time for a new spring one. I chose to start with the book cover bag, the Ruffled Hobo. I then set about cutting strips to sew back together then cut that piece of fabric into bias strips, to ruffle, for the bag exterior.

I bought the Acufeed ruffler foot for my Janome for this project. And have put it to use. Look at all the lint built up on it, and my machine, already. That is a complicated gadget with not one good video on how to use it. Several for their regular ruffler but not many for the one that fits the Acufeed system. I should have had the dealer help me with in when I bought it. It would have saved so more time, in the long run and needles, too…

I wish I had had this little puppy when my girls were small and I made them all kinds of frilly clothes. Once you get the hang of it, it is scary fast at ruffling or pleating your fabric. No more double rows of basting to pull and gather into ruffles like Mrs. Summitt taught us in Jr. High Home Ec. This bag has so many ruffles that if you had to pull threads for gathering them all you’d probably want to zigzag over a cord, to pull, instead of just pulling the threads. Otherwise you can cut yourself while pulling and pulling and pulling those sharp little threads. Right across your pinky finger. Soft, tender, bloody skin… Remember that your own saliva cleans blood off fabric. Just so you know.

All in all it was a pretty easy bag to put together and it is huge. It will not only coordinate with most of my closet, it could hold a large part of it, too.

Hey, have you seen the current (March/April) Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine? The quilt I made and gifted over Christmas is one of the features this month. Not my personal quilt, mind you, but a pattern, for free!

Just another example of being ahead of the game though….

It’s the Brigitte Heitland Zen Chic White Labyrinth. Check it out.

And check out what everyone else is working on over at Freshly Pieced.

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16 Responses to Finally, the finishes are rolling in.

  1. Melynda says:

    Oh, be still my beating hear, Lori!!!! I need to make one of those bags, STAT. That is ADORABLE! Can I tell you how much I *hate* the fact the nearest quilting store with a decent fabric selection is 45 minutes from my house?


    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks, Melynda! I do love it!
      We do have one nice quilting store near here, but they never have exactly what I want when I want it… I shouldn’t say never. I spend more than my share there. I do share the love buying fabric on Etsy or any one of several of my favorite online quilt stores. Usually they are able to tell you what goes with what. is a great sight to find coordinating fabrics, great search engine, too.


  2. QuiltnMama says:

    I saw the Labyrinth pattern and absolutely loved it…it’s so outside the norm of what I’d usually make but it’s really talkin’ to me! And please feel free to send that fabulous robe my way, okay 😉


  3. chatzakity says:

    WOW! Lori you really do become more amazing every day! All your projects are absolutely fabulous!
    And that bag….well, if you ever decide to start selling just let me know!


  4. Love your robe, what a stylish way to start your day!


  5. Katie says:

    My gosh, do I ever love that bathrobe! I also think I might need a ruffler, but then I’ve thought that for years 🙂


    • sewfrench says:

      Sooner rather than later, I say. Think of all the things you can create! The sewing machine shop had a quilt, hanging, with pleats on it that was cool. I wish I had photographed it. Next trip ; )


  6. I love the bathrobe!!! Many thanks for commenting yesterday… There was a slight issue with the post and the tutorial, it is all fixed now! Let me know if you use it and have you own button to grab!


  7. audrey says:

    i noticed the labyrinth quilt when i got my new issue of Fon’s & Porter and realized it was the same quilt i saw on your blog a few months ago. the thing is (and i don’t want to sound like a fawning sycophant) your quilt just seemed so much richer and the texture from the quilting made it especially memorable to me. again, thanks for sharing ‘cuz i don’t think the other quilt would have made more than a very shallow impression on me.:)


    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Audrey. I appreciate it!
      As far as I have seen, that is the only other Labyrinth quilt out there. I could be wrong but it looks like the same one that was at the Quilt Market. The same one that inspired me to create mine.


  8. Cindy @ In A Stitch says:

    The purse is beautiful! And so is the robe! Gorgeous, gorgeous. 🙂


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