How to Mark a Baptist Fan

With a little help from my friends, I settled in on the Baptist Fan quilting design for my Garden Party quilt, I shared last week. I do mark the entire quilt top before I start quilting and ideally I mark it before I baste it. This one was pin-basted, before I marked it, because I originally thought I was quilting it a different way. Pin-basting, before marking, means you are constantly moving pins out-of-the-way, to mark. Doable, but more time-consuming.

This is how I mark mine. I created a template out of a piece of template plastic. I used a small hole punch on the 1″ marks, and an extra punch 1/4″ away from the 10th one. I use a pin to hold it in place, on my cutting mat, as I put the blue water erasable marker in each hole and swipe it back and forth. I start out at the bottom, right corner, 1/4″ in, from both sides, in the corner. Once the first fan is completed, I move across and mark the next one starting 1/4″ up from the bottom edge, putting the pin in the blue line of the outermost previous fan. I then mark until I run into the previous lines. Make sense?

How to Mark a Baptist Fan

I am loving this look, especially when quilted on as gorgeous a wool batting as Dream Wool is! I think I am going to love this batting even more than the Hobbs Heirloom Wool I used in Blowin’ In The Wind.

Garden Party quilt @ SewfrenchHere you can see how the 10, 1″ fan quilting looks with the double line on the longest, topmost one. And yes, I use multiple needles, especially when I am quilting longer rows, it keeps me from having to move my quilt around too much. It also feels like I can quilt longer before stopping to rethread!

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend II

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5 Responses to How to Mark a Baptist Fan

  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks for sharing. Baptist Fan is a quilting pattern I have in mind for a quilt but fussing with those templates is such a pain. This method looks simpler and infinitely more flexible.


  2. Allison says:

    This is a really great tip for marking quilts and such a lovely design! It makes sense… I get it! Utmost and hightest respect to hand quilters – just beautiful!

    Greetings from Germany!


  3. facetfully says:

    Lovely and hand-quilted. I may try that on a small piece. It seems daunting!


  4. This is great! Thanks for the lesson! And you hand quilting is beautiful!


  5. daphnedawn says:

    The Baptist Fan is a great addition to this quilt. Your hand quilting is beautiful!


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