Struggling to see the forest through the trees

If you enjoy hand quilting I should have mentioned it sooner, but today is Day 3 of a hand quilting blog hop over at Celebrate Hand Quilting. Personally, I think hand quilters are the nicest people. Always ready to share their thoughts and projects. I’ll be one of the stops on Sunday, Day 7. This is my first experience with being hopped to and I am looking forward to it! Go take a look see and see what inspiration awaits you!

Celebrate Hand Quilting
I’m about half way through with the quilting on this quilt and my first experience with big stitch quilting. I’m using Prevencia perle cotton No16 in dark gray thread for the hand stitching. I do love this thread, heavy enough but not too heavy. The stitches on my needle are actually a little bigger than my actual ones. And I am surprised to like the look of it in general.

Big stitch quiltingBut I’m still not convinced I love it overall. It is so not me. Too lightweight and puffy…. Not enough quilting.  I like it up close just fine, but when I stand back and look at it, it just doesn’t look as special as I was hoping for.

Oakshott batik tree quilt
Not sure which direction I will go from here, but I think I’ll play with different ideas today.


I also started pulling fabrics for yet another project.

Fondling fabrics is the sure cure for frequent cases of start~itis.

Kona cotton

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14 Responses to Struggling to see the forest through the trees

  1. mtetar says:

    Oh WOW definitely worth celebrating! It’s sooooooo beautiful. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  2. Kris says:

    I think it is really really pretty!


  3. I love the effect of your quilting within your forest!


  4. Heather McCormack-Moon says:

    I think having the edge on it will make a huge difference. I love this one.


  5. Renee says:

    Your tree quilt and quilting look great!


  6. Sue says:

    Oh your quilting is so lovely! I have to admit that I’ve not done any hand quilting using the perle cotton. I really think it looks so great whenever I see it and some day I will have to try that.


  7. jolanda says:

    Very interesting work. Your quilting is great!!


  8. Sabrina says:

    It is beautiful!


  9. Julia says:

    Hi I am a return visitor from Finish it Friday. I really love this quilt pattern/idea. Is it a pateern from somewhere? Thanks for letting me know


    • sewfrench says:

      Hi, Julia, welcome back!
      To answer your question, there is a pattern but I did make my own version. If you Google “12 Trees quilt” and look at images you will see a few that have been made. I just stacked and cut my fabric based on what I saw, so not entirely original, but for the most part, what quilt pattern is??


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  12. wendy says:

    I’ve hopped over here from your Blogger’s Quilt Festival entry and I’m intrigued. I’m hand quilting a cushion with big stitches, but I’m having to stab stitch it as when i try to pick up stitches, they don’t go through all three layers. I see you have 4 stitches on your needle – do they go through all three layers?


    • sewfrench says:

      Hi, Wendy! Thanks for stopping by!
      I do stitch through all layers, whether I am traditionally hand quilting or big stitch quilting. And I don’t stab stitch. Keep in my I an quilting on a very fine, voile-like, fabric and I am using wool batting. All three, the fabric, the batting, and the needle will make a huge difference. What kind of batting (wadding) are you using? You might want to play around with different ones and see how it goes.


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