Trendsetting? Moi???

My trees quilt is coming along slower than molasses. I’ve changing the quilting plan about three times but I am finally happy with the current direction it is going. I just thank goodness it was hand quilting and not machine stitching that I was/am removing! And had I listened to my inner voice, at the beginning, I was envisioning wind blowing through fall trees, I would be finished by now…. but I thought it would be too time consuming. Now look where that got me…. I just keep reminding myself that quilting is not a race. It’s not about the quantity but the quality, right???

hand quilting

It is just going to be a slow go. But slowing down allows you to quiet the mind and sometimes slower is just better, all around.

In more interesting news…

My Thousand Pyramids quilt was one of the featured “trend setters” on SewMamaSew today! I’m pretty pumped about that. This is the first month, starting back, of this fun monthly column and I can’t believe on of my projects was chosen to be highlighted. Shocked and pumped! Yessiree!

Equilateral triangle quilt

And while I do often feel like I’m ahead of the crowd, on certain things, especially when hunting all over town, all over the internet, for a certain item, or color, or DIY project, only to later realize I was ahead of my time and just had to wait for someone else to show me the way. Funny how you can’t see you are trendsetting until after the fact! I just didn’t realize this was one of them!

You should check out what else and who else is Trendsetting!

Thanks Rachel for including me!

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P.S. and as I’m linking up over at Fabric Tuesday I see one of my monogrammed bags is highlighted today, too! This just made my day, Megan and Heather! Thanks for hosting and linking so many great people in one place!

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5 Responses to Trendsetting? Moi???

  1. Ashley says:

    yes, that triangle quilt is one of my favs of yours! totally deserved 🙂 congrats on the highlight!!


  2. mtetar says:

    I can surely see WHY! It is lovely and so are the colors. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar


  3. citricsugar says:

    The incredible finished beauty of that trees quilt will be worth the wait and time it took. I’m waiting as patiently as I can from afar… lol.


  4. Elizabeth E. says:

    Congrats on your Trendsetter Nomination! It is a beautiful quilt, really lovely. I think your trees quilt is looking cool, too. I hear you on the creaky hands business with the arthritis. I have to pace myself on my hand work, too, so I can keep going. Sometimes I just have to mix up activities, and do something else for a while. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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