Prince Charming

We’ve been sprucing up around here, flowers planted, weeds pulled, cleaning out the pond, getting ready for a house full of company. But I have been struggling with the little pond we put in, out front, several years ago. It’s a teeny, tiny pond, really, but it fits the spot and is fun to watch come back to life each spring. It doesn’t get much sun, other than the morning, so it’s a pretty big deal when the plants finally begin to flower. It’s got several little goldfish in it that we like to keep an eye on. I’ve seen a mink out there fishing, something else swoops down and picks out their dinner….

Every time I look out there, lately, there is a potted plant knocked over. Go out, set it back up, settle it in…. Look out or walk past, down again… These are pretty mature plants and when we sunk them we added rocks on top, which is what you do, like we do every year. We’ve never had a problem keeping them upright, no matter the visitors. Until now.

Apparently this fat little guy likes to jump on top of the plants and down they go….

No need to sneak up on him, he’s pretty arrogant. Just who does he think he is???

Theories pass. The frog remains. ~Jean Rostand

I guess I need to get out there and try something different…

Back at it…

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4 Responses to Prince Charming

  1. bold goods says:

    Haha, how cute is he?! Prince of the Pond. Hope you find a solution!


  2. Karen says:

    I sounds like there might be a bigger critter than the prince knocking over your pot. Nice photo.


  3. Phyllis says:

    We have a little frog in our backyard, too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I agree that unwearable jeans make very good aprons!


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