Sewing Curves Without Pins

I am not very good at staying on task… When it comes to me and creativity you probably already know that.

Scrapbusting at Sewfrench

Feeling the need to try something new.

Drunkards Path quilt by SewfrenchMaking a terrible mess doing it… But it will be so worth it!

Drunkards Path at SewfrenchAll those curves have to be sewn. I know most quilters hate sewing curves. Not me. Looking through my quilts, you can see  I have done many curved quilts, over the years. The trick is to learn how to sew them without all the time that pinning takes, not to mention stopping to remove them and breaking needles. No pins needed if you use your 1/4″ foot and hold the top piece up as high as you can while sewing. And practice. You’ll be able to perfectly judge the tension in no time.

Sewing curves with no pinsThat is what I’m up to.
How about you??

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Work in Progress Wednesday
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A Round Tuit

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6 Responses to Sewing Curves Without Pins

  1. Sandy says:

    I’m with you, I love sewing curves. I haven’t gotten to a place I don’t use pins, but, with your post, I might just give it a try. Love the fabric you are using, and, really love the pattern. Can’t wait to see it all sewn together.


  2. Asha says:

    Looking pretty already .. will be fun to see this one finished. I LOVED the one you did a couple of weeks ago for your BIL … that was absolutely gorgeous the way the light comes through it when you hang it us … I need a hand made quilt – it is freezing here .. temps in the 40s and low 50s NO heat!! Now doesn’t that persuade you LOL! 🙂 It will be up to 120 in June … such are the extremes of weather here – but I do have air-conditioning thankfully.


  3. mtetar says:

    Very lovely as always. Thank you for sharing your tips I look forward to the finished project. I need a quilt here on rhe East Coast is freezing. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  4. becky m says:

    ahh! A kindred spirit. I love sewing curves. It adds such variety to a quilt and softness (i think). I too prefer to sew my curves without pins. can’t wait to see what you create!

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  5. Great colors, can’t wait to see it finished.


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