Three quilts ~ Three colorways ~Three Precious little ones

Quilts and their history ~ An ongoing series.

Too many babies, too little time!

I hate to admit that sometimes I make the same quilt for multiple people.  It’s always different in some way.  Whether it’s using the same fabrics in a different layout or the same layout in different colors, as in this case.  Barely.

When 3 close friends are expecting 3 precious little ones within 6 weeks this is when it happens.

I usually have a nice stash of Robert Kaufman’s Kona Cotton solids so when I spotted “Balanced Connections” from Amy’s Creative Side I knew I could do them quickly, even with all the other things I had going on.

So for my great-nephew Hunter, the only boy in the group~  soft fall *boy* colors.

He is so cute!  I’ve yet to meet him in person, but I know he’s a sweetheart.  His grandma told me so!

Then came Amayah~
The fall sun can really be harsh for photographing.  The quilts are actually all the same Kona Bone background color with Sable borders and bindings. These color blocks are from Kona’s dusty palette.  The girl colors obviously!

Isn’t she precious playing “possum” with her momma?!

Then comes Olivia~
The colors look similar to those in the previous picture, but they are less dusty with more color saturation.  All finished around 42″ square, machine pieced and hand quilted and bias bound.

So big.  And cute!

I try to photograph all my quilts before I gift them and most of the time that happens.  I *love* to see the recipient enjoying their quilt and that very rarely happens. Except, of course, when they open the gift, if I’m there, which most often is not the case.  It’s a rare occasion when I get a picture, in the mail, of a little one enjoying their quilt. Imagine my surprise when I receive three pictures from 3 moms and they all happened to be the same quilt.  And NO begging was done. Nor bribing. The stars must have been aligned just perfectly for that to happen!

I believe I need to retire this style for fear of ruining my record!

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2 Responses to Three quilts ~ Three colorways ~Three Precious little ones

  1. Heidi says:

    That is awesome that they sent photos! I have received three from the mom I sent my last quilt to. It melted my heart!!!

    Love how the colorways changed the look of the same quilt!


  2. Angie says:

    ooohhhh how i love this pattern – very beautiful. I like how you have each of their names on their quilts. I am going to have to look into getting this pattern from Amy! Thanks for sharing.


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