The evolution of a quilt.

It all started with pulling a pile of Kona solids, yesterday, to use them up. I want new fabric but can not justify buying any more until I make a dent in what I own.

Kona cotton solids

My first layout, trying to get what is in my head in to real life.
I decided more of the color, less of the neutral. These are 6″ finished sides on these triangles, meaning I cut strips 5 3/4″ wide, then used a 60° ruler to cut the equilateral triangles.

Triangle quilt

Then I wondered if maybe it was too busy with color so I covered some of the bolder colors with the more neutral ones. That is when I went to grab a Kleenex and noticed how close I was to someone else’s color design. And I do really like this design, too. It just wasn’t where I was headed, today.

Triangle quilt

I questioned that maybe it was beginning to lean towards being “too” neutral. Believe it or not I lean toward the calm, low volume, palettes myself, even if you don’t believe me based on the quilts I make….

Then another try. This one includes all of the first colorful palette but thinned out with more neutrals. Ehh… It’s missing something.

Triangle quilt

And the final plan.
Maybe a slight bit of rearranging, maybe not.
And honestly, it is a not quite as bold as it looks on my computer screen.
It definitely has the sunset look to it.

Triangle quilt

I like it!

Thanks Amanda for being on the other end of the computer screen through all the different variations.
It is much easier to be confident, of your design, when you have feedback from a trusted source.
And if she’s your daughter, she can read your mind.

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18 Responses to The evolution of a quilt.

  1. Teje says:

    I love your colour squares and the last photo is best for me! x Teje


  2. Teje says:

    … me again. I posted today my colour triangles. For some reason the other comment links to my old blog. I hope to fix it now. x Teje


  3. antarabesque says:

    I like the second arrangement too. Looking great!


  4. wombatquilts says:

    Where you ended up with your colour selection is fabulous, and seems very organic. No colour is out of place or seems forced. I am jealous.


  5. mtetar says:

    I love it brighter, and that’s the second and the last photos. Great Job by you. Mtetar


  6. Karen says:

    Those pops of color were a good call in my opinion! Looks great!


  7. citricsugar says:

    Thanks for sharing the evolution… It’s always nice to see how something changes from start to finish.


  8. linda beth says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your whole process of elimination and addition on this project! Thanks for taking the time to document and share the stages of selecting your fabrics.


  9. diannajessie says:

    Looks fab, triangles and solids definitely do something that make me smile. Such fun:)


  10. Amanda says:

    It’s so fun to see the final layout! I love the bright colors 🙂


  11. msminnesota says:

    I think it looks fantastic!


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