If this is what all the global warming fuss is all about…

…then sign me up. I’m game for some 30° latitude weather.

I took advantage of this gorgeous 55° weather to step out and photograph the inventory reduction, diamond quilt I started last week. I got the main part of the top finished and was so incredibly pleased with it that I decided to enlarge it a bit, with a couple of narrow borders. I auditioned fabrics for the new borders, the binding and the back this afternoon and am ready to get with it tomorrow. I can’t wait to share the completed picture. It’s going to be sweet!

Oh and just as I thought, I hardly made a dent in the 90’s pink stash…..

While I was out photographing this one, I decided to grab a couple of others, from years past, and photograph them, too.

Who knew on January 10 we’d be out in shirt sleeves and not because we were hot from snow shoveling.

I’m trying to get all my older quilts logged and will eventually blog them before my memory entirely fails me… The reason for photographing random quilts…

Popped in on P to check the progress of the craftsman style coat tree he’s working on. Funny how there are so very few woodworking plans out there. I wonder if that’s the reason woodworking isn’t any more popular than it is…

P comes up with his idea, draws it out, then makes a prototype. This is his prototype.

Good thing I went to see how it was coming along because he is just about finished with it, not that he needed me, but I do like to watch the progress. He was doing a dry fit when I popped in.

He is still waiting on the hardware to come in. Pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Then we took off for a 4 mile walk/hike. It was just too nice not to get out there and enjoy it. We weren’t the only ones thinking that way. Everyone and their dog was walking this afternoon. The crowded paths had nothing to do with tomorrow’s blizzard forecast.

I’m sure…

We sucked up every last minute of this day.

Sucked it dry.

Hopefully dry enough not to have snow tomorrow…

And just what is this global warming fuss about anyway…..

So what have you been up to this week???

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6 Responses to If this is what all the global warming fuss is all about…

  1. Shann says:

    I found your blog from Freshly Pieced…and your quilt is just like the one I finished this week!! LOVE all the older ones, too!


  2. Tara says:

    Ha! Talk about reversals, we had hail stone! 😦

    Quilts looking good! You know if you ever get lost for somewhere to put them, I do have a spare bed or two! LOL! Just sayin’…


  3. Kathy says:

    I love all those pinks… very pretty! What a treat to be able to take outside pictures of your quilts in January!


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