Ding Dong! Winter’s Here!

Though we didn’t get the blizzard they called for, we did get about 7″ in the last three days. I find staring at the snow completely hypnotizing.

Totally mesmerizing.
Especially the light, fluffy snow that stacks itself on the branches.

And everything else it can find.P’s got a handle on todays eats, so I think I’ll just snuggle in, find a movie, to watch, and do some quilting.

Have a great Sunday!

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1 Response to Ding Dong! Winter’s Here!

  1. chatzakity says:

    You know, one winter I’m a-coming to yours to see the amazing lake and snow you’ve got there. Oh, and being a ‘T-Tapp Trainer’ now, I might just kick your butt in a workout session too! LOL!


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