Quilts, the early years…

I wonder if I can post most of the quilts I’ve ever made….  And considering I’ve given most of them away….

Not sure, but I will give it my best shot.  Some of you may need to help me out.

Grandma Ellis had a quilt on the back of her sofa for all the years I can remember.  She called it Uncle Sammy’s quilt.  It was wool squares, about 6 inches each, crocheted together with black yarn and all different colored pieces of wool.  Not your traditional quilt, but more of a coverlet.

When Paul was a youngster, about September 1980, just under 2 years old, and about to be forced out of the family crib because his little sister was due to be born and he got his own *big boy* bed.  At this point in time, we visited and spent a lot of time with Grandma Ellis and Granddaddy Sam. Oh, how Granddaddy Sam loved the little kids.  He also loved his afternoon naps.  Always.  Whether he was working or retired, he needed naps, not unlike other family members, I know….  In cooler weather, there was always a quilt draped over the back of the sofa, ready and willing for Grandaddy Sam’s naps.  He also got a big kick out of dragging that quilt over his head and scaring Paul.  Paul called it the Boogie man.  He was scared to death of the Boogie man.  But when introduced to the idea of moving into a *big boy* bed?  He wanted a Boogie Man quilt.  Why?  I don’t know, not a clue.  Because this was something he was scared to death of, I’m talking serious crying fits scared….

Grandma Ellis provided me with the fabrics for this quilt, my first. It was machine pieced and hand tied.  Looks like I probably used a white cotton sheet for the backing and purchased *silky* for the binding.

Silky was a favorite of Paul.  Yes, that was back in the day when we all wore slips…  It never took long for the women in his life to learn that they could not wear slips and be modest, at the same time, when Paul was around.

I actually had totally forgotten about this quilt until I came across this picture, while looking for a photo, of what I thought, was the first.  Obviously, photos make for the better memories….

Now, who knows what happened to this quilt or Uncle Sammy’s???

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7 Responses to Quilts, the early years…

  1. I have never seen this quilt in person! That’s such a cool story, how you came to make your first quilt. I am enjoying the old photos too.


    • sewfrench says:

      And I actually had forgotten about this quilt, until I came across this pic. Then the memories came flooding back…
      Paul was such a funny little weenie of a kid!
      Glad Christina is off Facebook, for now, and hasn’t a clue, just yet….



    I don’t have the quilt. I swear.


  3. sewfrench says:

    Right, Pam, not that you’d admit to, anyway. I better not find out your are a quilt thief or I will be the first to turn you in….

    Even if you always crack me up….


  4. Tara says:

    I really want to have a go at making a quilt! Yours are always so beautiful, and the more you post, the more I want to get going!

    Any tips for the novice?


    • sewfrench says:

      I know you have asked before and I struggled to find this……
      There is so much to quilting, nothing and a lot, all wrapped up in one. If you can find a local mentor it would be HUGE! Most love to share the knowledge, so buying locally, as you learn, really can be worth the extra expense, you can gain so much free knowledge!
      This website, among a gazillion others, out there, can make a huge difference. Just browse around and see what you can see.
      I’ll be glad to help when I can, but it really is a self learned art, in so many ways.


  5. tina says:

    Well my dear…I just about imagine that some of aunt carols bunch got it….along with my quilts that me gma n grandaddy made!!! My puff quilt…satin quilt…doll quilt…
    I just hope they have been put to good use n noot just stored away somewhere!!! U know!?
    And…dang I hated monkey sams afgan!!! lol


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