Granddaddy Sam

..would have been 99 years old today.  Can you believe that?
Hard to believe he’s been gone almost 20 years…

Marshall Cameron's store, Grandaddy Sam is, the butcher, on the left.

Christmas 1969. This is the year everyone was there!

Nap time in the summer was in the backyard, in whatever shade he could find before he headed back to work. 1970.

This was the day we left, to move to Michigan, April 1987.

Notice Uncle Sammy’s quilt on the back of the sofa. Funny how I just mentioned that yesterday and so quickly it has turned up.

Grandaddy Sam with Amanda summer of 1989. He loved those grand babies!

I am pretty sure none of us Taylor kids would have graduated High School without Granddady taking us to school at least 30 minutes early and picking us up before classes were finished.  He always wanted to beat the traffic.  I never recall hitting the ditch heading out to East, but I do know there was not a trip out there, that it didn’t cross my mind.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Whether you were in his car or the one coming toward him.  And if you remember this you know I’m *not* being disrespectful.  Just telling the truth, as we all know it.

And the gardens he grew!  Wow.  We’d never have all the recipes and food memories if it wasn’t for him bringing 5 gallon bucket after bucket in, from the garden, everyday.  The strawberries, tomatoes and okra were always my favorite.  And let’s not forget the corn…  Probably why we all have an interest in good wholesome locally grown food…  It’s what tastes like home….

Once he retired and Grandma was still working, we learned he really could cook, too.  Hot breakfasts everyday.  Couple of fried eggs with a side of bacon and how about some homemade biscuits, with that, too.  And never gained a pound or had heart issues…  And he always did the dishes.  Always.

Early morning paper routes and chocolate milk.  The smell of fresh ink, red naugahyde and leaded fuel still haunts my dreams, but we all took turns and pitched in.  That’s what we did.  And I don’t drink milk to this day.

The only time I remember ever getting in trouble, from Grandaddy Sam, was when I said something disrespectful to Grandma, don’t even remember what it was or was about…  Then I told him he couldn’t catch me.  Boy was I wrong.  He chased me up and down the drive and around the garage.  He eventually snuck up behind me.  Those switches hurt like the dickens, I never talked back to Grandma and I think I turned out just fine.  I was his favorite ; )

Thank you, Grandaddy Sam.

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4 Responses to Granddaddy Sam


    Such a beautiful entry Mrs. French. I have some memories of him as well. I remember when we first lived next to them on Walnut street across from the ice plant. I, hmmm, knocked one of his windows out with a baseball. This was right around the time he was having surgeries for his cancer. I remember how he was being fed and he had a bell to ring for help.
    Now, when we lived next door to them in the projects……….he was always trying to take care of us. He always was telling my mom to put some STP treatment in her car. I swear……..she still talks about putting something in her motor to clean the “fuel injectors”. I am sure that is a carry over from him. Ha. I can still see them on the front porch in those metal rockers (white with green trim I believe). Thanks for the memories for me. I haven’t thought about that for years.


    • sewfrench says:

      Ha Ha, I do remember you breaking out the window. It was fun having *kids* in the neighborhood. Funny you refer to it as across from the Ice House, when we always thought of it as across from Goodrich’s…. Of course they were neighbors, we were neighbors….. I don’t remember much about when Grandaddy was going through those surgeries, some not a lot.
      I don’t remember STP fixing everything, but a hammer or sledge hammer could, when Granddad thought so anyway! But he did like to help people out. Those old rocking chairs are still around. I believe they are in Todd’s yard now. As you rock in them you can feel their history talking to you. They are still white and green!


  2. Tara says:

    That was a nice post Lori, brought tears to my eyes!

    I remember my Grandad, I loved him soooo much!!!

    I was his favourite too! :)))))


    • sewfrench says:

      I’m sure you were the favorite. Claim it. It works.
      Apparently I *really* truly was, too, because out of 12 grandkids, no one has argued the point, LOL!
      Glad I could make you tear up. It makes me proud!


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