A day in the life…….

This is for Tara.

Especially for my friend Tara, in Greece.

Have you ever experienced snow?

It’s totally not what it’s cracked up to be….

Just so you know…..

It's started, you just can't see it. A winter snow warning. Warning means it's coming. Snow is really hard to photograph, no matter the setting.... Out the kitchen window...

Still can't quite appreciate it.... Out the sun room window.....

After shoveling a path to the grill, DH grilled up some beautiful sliders and we had some oven fries….  From this you never know what’s happening outside.  Lisa, my Tapping friend, warned me it was time to look outside……….

Peter's famous 1/8th pound sliders. Equal parts ground sirloin and chopped onion. Cooked on a steaming cast iron skillet on the grill. We needed the fuel for what was to come.

And then we headed out………  for our annual snow hike.  A couple of miles, creating the first tracks out there.  It has to be snowing pretty hard to have no prior tracks.  No cars, no dogs, nothing but us and the stars….  It was wicked.  Wicked cold, wicked fun, wicked romantic.

Traditions are like that……..

The wind was blowing so hard we could hardly keep our eyes open! Or stop giggling.

Also…….  I’m pretty sure it’s the same as having your face professionally sandblasted, only cheaper.

Looking back………  Apparently we can’t walk straight, but at least we weren’t driving………….

Traditions are like that………

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8 Responses to A day in the life…….

  1. Lisa says:

    I made your blog!! Those sliders look sooooooooooooooooo yummy! And those fries? Would you be willing to share how you made those?

    You guys look like you have a great time together. 🙂

    Loving your blog, you make me laugh!


  2. Tara says:

    THANKS LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I loooooved the pictures. I really do miss the snow living here, winter just isn’t the same when it’s warm and sunny. Especially around the holidays!
    It’s 17*C today and the sun is shining but I really would love to be in your snow storm!!
    One year we’ll make a deal, in the winter I’ll come to yours, for the winter experience, and you can come here for the summer!
    Sound good?!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Snow past December 26? Totally overrated!


  4. Tara says:

    Can’t help it!!
    I keep sneeking back to have a look at these pictures!!!
    Lovely!! 🙂


    • sewfrench says:

      You are too funny, Tara!
      DH got off the sofa last night and plowed the drive right at bedtime normally the first thing he does in the mornings. Good thing, because this morning it is 22° colder than last night at -10°F, what is that -23°C? Brrr……


      • Tara says:

        Now, that’s cold!!

        I can’t even remember what -23*C is like!!
        Here it’s 18*C (65*F), and I’m cold!! Just made your chicken and dumplings to warm my insides 🙂 LOL!!, which was lovely by the way :*


  5. sewfrench says:

    Glad you enjoyed the dumplings!
    Now do some HoeDowns to complete the warm up, get outside and appreciate that lovely weather! I am jealous!


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