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And the Award goes to….

I traipse out through the snow, to the mailbox, and what do I find? A package from my older sister. Mailed halfway across the country. She does this all the time. The only way I read the hometown, weekly newspaper … Continue reading

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Recreating foodie memories…

Do you do this?  Do you recreate the bestest foodie moments of your life?  Or at least try to??? We are obsessed with eating out, trying new recipes, trying to recreate favorite dishes and especially the best of times……… This … Continue reading

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Has spring sprung where you live?

It appears to be a ways off, here at the cottage.  It’s still very cold and gray.  The lake still has the look of winter about it.  Snow drifts here and there, very few neighbors about their properties, shrubbery still … Continue reading

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I Know, I Know, I Know…….

I’ve been really busy.  I do plan on coming back here.  Hopefully, within the week.  Please don’t give up on me..  LOL! Many things going on, many at one time, but the one thing that has remained constant in my … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day #25

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Akron February 2011

This weekend Peter and I took a road trip.  A road trip for me.  None of this *us* stuff, this time, but something *I* wanted to do and he was all for it, cheering me on.  We’ve been cooped up … Continue reading

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After the storm…

When you aren’t doing an outdoor, snow shoveling, workout you can get a whole lot more done.  I’m talking over 16,000 steps and several tons of snow moved workout….  When you get bathed and ready for the day, before lunch, … Continue reading

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No, Mr. Snow, you may not come in.

Groundhog Dump Day, aka, Blizzard of 2011.  Record breaking 24 hour snow for February 1, February 2, February in general, and still debating the all time record setting 24 hour snow storm.  The debate is whether or not the Blizzard … Continue reading

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A day in the life…….

This is for Tara. Especially for my friend Tara, in Greece. Have you ever experienced snow? It’s totally not what it’s cracked up to be…. Just so you know….. After shoveling a path to the grill, DH grilled up some … Continue reading

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I’m so glad you’re back

I’ve missed you.  A lot.  I wasn’t sure where you went but it doesn’t matter now.  You are back.   Don’t leave me again. Listening to my friend Gary talk about all the fabulous smoothies he’s been making, then reading … Continue reading

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