And the Award goes to….

I traipse out through the snow, to the mailbox, and what do I find? A package from my older sister. Mailed halfway across the country. She does this all the time. The only way I read the hometown, weekly newspaper is because she saves them up and mails them to me, for months worth of news, all at once. She is notorious for her randomness, too. This one wasn’t totally random. Not to me, anyway, but maybe to some.

Best sister ever

I recently blogged about how much this quilt looked like Smarties and how much I loved them and look what I got in the mail today.

Sweet Strings quilt

Jumbo Smarties! These are HUGE. A picture doesn’t do them justice. They are bigger than a quarter! And are they ever fresh? No crunching, they just melt in your mouth. One after another. And another and another….

And because she is such a special older sister, she actually remembers how much I loved them as a youngster. Before I couldn’t pronounce my “s”es, when I used the “f” sound instead of the “s” sound, when she used to walk me down the street to the local bar (yes, bar)…  so she could hear me ask them for my favorite candy. She got lots of laughs  being my older sister, I am sure.

My sister and I

But that’s okay. Since those days she has made up for it 100 times over. And then some.

Living far away from the rest of the family hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been made a whole lot easier having this crazy, thoughtful, loving, older sister of mine in my life…..

I am so lucky to have her.

XOXO heart

And now you know what time it is??? Time for me to do some Hoe Downs to burn off all that sugar!!

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6 Responses to And the Award goes to….

  1. mtetar says:

    Nice post on LOVE between you and your Big Sister. Workout Video is great. Mtetar


  2. Kim Jacques says:

    Fank you Feetie, I love you too!


  3. Teje says:

    Sisters are the best! Your photo is wonderful and I love your quilt! I have smaller sister but often she sends me special pieces of fabric! We both live abroud so we can’t help each others to get Finnish goodies or newspapers.


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