A Mother’s Hope

Trying to stay focused and work with what I have on hand, I found myself working with all these tiny floral calicos from the 80s and 90s. Nice, but overwhelming in the quantities I own.

Small florals
Kind of like when working on the *ugly* pink quilt, alone these fabric don’t do a thing for me, but when put together, they really aren’t half bad.
Paper piecing is so messy!
On Sunday, I decided my next quilt would be a string quilt using 8 1/2″ squares of computer paper, as the backing. I then proceeded to ignore the overfilled trash can, as I listened to Brideshead Revisited as an audiobook, and removed all that paper. This mess is why I don’t make more string quilts. I’m guessing paper pieced blocks are the same way…
But Brideshead? Great book, highly recommended!

Does looking at these colors make you want Smarties, too??? Of course, they were my all time favorite candy, as a kid. Pure sugar. And prettily colored, to boot!


It was Peter’s night to cook dinner and he put a corned beef into the crock pot so there was really no reason for me to pop out, of my studio, all day. I even got it layed out and pin basted. And the corned beef was out of this world. Peter knows what he’s doing stuffing it with garlic!
Then on Monday, after playing catch up on laundry folding and generally picking up the house I got it machine quilted and a binding made and attached. I now *get* why people machine quilt. This baby was quilted in under an hour. Now to get the binding hand stitched down and to embroider my name and location.
This quilt is headed Margaret’s Hope Chest as part of their A Mother’s Hope program. I am hoping a new mom, dealing with  postpartum depression will find comfort in it. It is a pretty amazing new program where the moms, with their babies, come in together, everyday, from 9-3, for therapy. It is only the second program like it in the country. Pretty amazing what is going on in my hometown. I love G.R.
Staying focussed and working with what I have on hand made me come away with a whole new appreciation for some lesser than favorite fabrics.
Also makes me want Smarties.
Join the fun!
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12 Responses to A Mother’s Hope

  1. What a great way to use up some older fabric! I see a few of those prints in my stash and I am gradually winnowing them down too. Love the layout you used too.


  2. shannon c. says:

    I acquired a giant stack of these fabrics (in dark browns/pinks/reds/purples) from a friend of mine’s mother that had purchased them to make a queen sized quilt. I thought they were terrible at first (but who turns down fabric right?) but they’ve totally grown on me! I made a baby quilt out of the pinks and browns and the rest have worked their way into so many of my projects. They’ve been great to have in my stash. I love your top- such a light warm feeling it gives. My favorite print I think is that green leafy one with the round pink flowers. It blends and simultaneously saves the whole quilt from looking a bit too pastel for my taste. Great work!


  3. I confess, I destashed (or *cough* trashed) all of my 80/90s stash last year. Gosh…I should have kept it…donation! I need to think donation next time I am not “in love”. It can still keep someone warm! Yours turned out great!


  4. mtetar says:

    Beautiful Scrap Quilt, and I didn’t have a clue after seeing the scraps on the floor looking like confetti. Great job by you using your scraps. Feel free to visit my blog, and view my award category for your nomination. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  5. Valerie says:

    I wouldn’t have gone for these fabrics, but this is turning out very well. It have kind of a “low volume” modern aesthetic.


  6. Alia says:

    That quilt turned out looking really lovely! What a wonder fabric combinations are sometimes.


  7. Chris says:

    Beautiful use of your older fabric.


  8. These are lovely. They will inspire me to use some of my huge collections of fabrics lingering in the cupboard.


  9. Espirational says:

    I love those colors!


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