Akron February 2011

This weekend Peter and I took a road trip.  A road trip for me.  None of this *us* stuff, this time, but something *I* wanted to do and he was all for it, cheering me on.  We’ve been cooped up since Thanksgiving and when the *can’t say no* opportunity arose, I was in and my driver was onboard!  I’ve so far avoided talking about a *huge* part of my life because I can’t seem to find the words to do it justice.  So, we’ll just gloss over that part and save it for another day and just say that T-Tapp, Teresa and all the people behind it have been my *besties* for 10 years.  Friends I talk to everyday.  People I’ve cheered on, been cheered on by, laughed with and cried with.  People I talk with, more often, than my *closest* family.  I whole heartedly believe in it for what it is, who it is and what it does. It has wiped out my debilitating arthritis and has been a large part in the continual moulding of who I am.

So this weekend a *few* of us gathered, to pay, to get our butts kicked by two amazing trainers.  Michelle and Jen.  Michelle, came in from Pittsburgh and Jen from near Minneapolis.  We drove 5 1/5 hours for this pleasure.  Do you know what 5 1/2 hours feels like after a kick butt workout?  I mean the sitting in the car after getting your butt kicked part?  If you have never Tapped, trust me, you do not know.  Running a 10K is *nothing* compared to this, I’m pretty sure a marathon could never compare.  This was total kick butt, people.  If you Tapp and don’t feel it like this, you aren’t doing it right.  Sorry…..  But true.  And yes, I fall into that trap, sometimes, too. But, boy how an *event* will pull Tapping back to the front and reality.  It kicks butt like nothing else.  And as I said before, somewhere else…….

Thank you Michelle and Jen for a *most* awesome event!!
This was unlike any event I have ever been to. It was so much like Safety Harbor, in so many ways. The instruction and explanations were top notch………
Michelle, you are even more incredible than I knew, I *heart* you!!! And Jen, wowzers, you are an awesome trainer with a knack for getting form across (especially ribs up, LOL!) You had an incredible mentor, I could feel it, her spirit came right through you. What gifts you two have…….
I’ve never been to an event with such an interactive crowd. People willing to speak up and admit when they needed help or clarification, people willing to be called out, by name, ROFLOL. When one person spoke up, eveyone gathered to hear the answer or look at Michelle’s awesome pedicure. LOL!
What an awesome group of Tappers, from pre-beginner to advanced, and a large group 24 ish? There was something for everyone and never a flustered trainer, in the process. Amazing.
My husband and I drove 5 1/2 hours to be here and raced home ahead of an ice storm… That is how worth it it was…… I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. Lisa???? Next time! LOL!
People, no complaining that there are no events near you…… Unless you are overseas, there is something, somewhere if you *really* want it. And you should.
Plus I got to meet my besties, in person, for the very first time, Michelle (armygirlwriting), what a *huge* surprise, I didn’t know she’d be there!! Elizabeth (gardengirl639) as sweet, dedicated and sushi loving as I imagined! Holly, Sarah, Clare and many more that I didn’t get their names but I hope we convinced to come or even spend more time on the forums!!!
What a fabulous, exhausting, muscle quivering, burning sort of day. Nothing like crawling out of a car after a long, hard, kick butt working out day, after riding for 5 1/2 hours.
Joan, the ultimate bath was my best ever. I hope your ears didn’t burn off entirely today, because you were talked about something serious….  So when you are overwhelmed with phone calls, this week, remember me and the rest of your faithful followers.  Kickbacks accepted.
Happy Valentines to me!
And Happy Birthday to Michelle, tomorrow!
Off to sleep like a baby!

Pre night….. those of us staying at the hotel where the event was to be held, met up, had a drink and had a designated driver steer us to an incredibly close, incredibly good, sushi restaurant.  (Thank you for driving, Elizabeth!) And you know what Peter and I think about sushi.  And now Elizabeth and Michelle, too?

Who planned ahead and thought about it being Valentines weekend?  Not us.  None of us…

When they told us it was 1 hour and 20 minutes wait and no access to the bar, can’t get there from here…….  And some people hadn’t eaten all day……..  Elizabeth, the local, stepped out to check on other options.  In the mean time, Peter, was wrangling, wrestling, intimidating someone or something?  …..and had us a table before Elizabeth could hardly explain our other options.  He is good!  LOL!  And boy was it worth it.  An incredible waitress and more incredible company.  Am I gushing?  No, it was fun and good.  And fun. No gushing required.  It was all good.  Those non~sushi lovers are now sushi lovers.  Just remember the soy paper and tempura.  You can’t go wrong.  Especially, if you have sriracha mayo sauce, LOL!

An incredible sushi restaurant in Akron. Wasabi. Somehow, we'll find a reason to return. Soon.

Spent with incredible friends........ Jen, Elizabeth, myself and Michelle.

What a beautiful atmosphere.

Shared with beautiful people........ Elizabeth and Michelle.

........and more beautiful people...... Michelle and Jen, our awesome trainers.

.....and oh, chocolate 'tinis, LOL! This was the best. I think I need a fork for the chocolate in the bottom!

The Angry Dragon Roll. Will anyone *ever* forget this experience???

Let's not even pretend we don't want to oogle, over this, even more....

Snow Roll ~ Tempura shrimp, blue crab, japanese mayo & sriracha chili sauce

Tempera shrimp and vegetables.... Pretty sure there was more than one of these on our table and pretty sure most of it got eaten, eventually....... All in prep, for the next day!

We didn't gather *only* to make others jealous, and no Joan, I'm not *just* talking to you........ I had no idea my online friend Michelle would be here. She knocked my socks off when she came up to me and introduced herself, as if she needed to do *that*!!! She is cuter than I dreamt and she brought tears to my eyes. And still does. What a strong woman, so happy to *finally* meet my Key West foodie advisor, patriot and all around inspiring friend. Where are the tissues when you need them?

And Elizabeth. Another long term online friend. Even more sweet, smart, proper, polite and friendly that I could imagine. What a beautiful spirit she has, besides hair and eyes and talents.......... And my sushi conspirator. Yay! Love you, girl!

And of course, Michelle.... What can I say? She is incredible, in so many ways. I want to be her, when I grow up, minus the 6 (yes, six) kids. Three is plenty for me.... A consolation/birthday gift for Michelle, I made her a Steelers weekender bag. I *think* she liked it, LOL! Just a small thank you for all she has meant to me over the last 10 years. What a treat to get to hang with Michelle. She is the real deal. I hope the people in her life appreciate her.

Colleen, Colleen, Colleen... It's been *way* too long! Cuter than ever. Not sure how she does it, but she glows from within. Even being a non~morning person, she got up super early to drive over and have a filling breakfast with us all before the reason we came together... Hurry up and get those chilluns grown up so we can see you more often!

Yes, we *all* paid good money to get our butts kicked. And will do it again in a heartbeat. Yes, we will.

May can’t come soon enough…………..

Sounds a bit like sadism, no?  Yes, it does, yes, it is, and Yes, you can do it, too.  LOL!

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5 Responses to Akron February 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    YES!! NEXT TIME!!! I am feeling all verklempt and happy for the wonderful time you all had! And, yes, NEXT TIME!


    • sewfrench says:

      Well, I’m glad there is more than just a verklempt feeling…….
      Next time……..
      They had such an incredible turn out, I bet this will happen more often that we could even dream of attending……….. But, I will try, LOL!


  2. Tara says:

    Oh you had an absolutely amazing time, as I knew you would!!!
    I really, honestly, truly wish I could attend a workshop like that.
    You know with all the gushing I’m tempted to relocate to the States just so I have the chance to attend things like that!!!
    Don’t suppose you fancy adopting me and 3 kids, do you Lori?? We’re all housetrained, honestly!!! LOL!!!

    Glad you got your butt kicked!! (but in a nice way :)))


  3. Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful post, Lori. You really captured the heart of T-Tapp! It really did feel like Safety Harbor, didn’t it? The only thing missing was Teresa!

    You made me tear up! What sweet things to say! Let me just tell you all that Lori is more amazing and more beautiful in person! Stunning! It was wonderful to meet Peter. He is so kind and generous! I still want to know how he wrangled that table;)

    There was talk of Michelle and Jen coming back in May. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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