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Some things never change….

Thank Goodness. The Gold Standard by which all Hot and Sour soups are compared…… Yellow Curry, no mushrooms, extra onions, and can you make that extra spicy, please? Yellowfin tuna…… Red Dragon Sushi Rolls….  and yes that is Sriracha sauce, … Continue reading

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Do you believe in fortune cookies???

So, Peter’s a sushi freak, right?  You knew that…. Well, I am a hot and sour soup freak.  I love spicy.  I love vinegary.  I love Shang Hai Ichiban.  Especially their Hot and Sour Soup.  It is the best of … Continue reading

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Akron February 2011

This weekend Peter and I took a road trip.  A road trip for me.  None of this *us* stuff, this time, but something *I* wanted to do and he was all for it, cheering me on.  We’ve been cooped up … Continue reading

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Yes, we did!

We did it! We made our own sushi. We learned a lot. It took longer than we expected. We loved it even more than we expected. We stuffed our bellies full, for now… We’ll do it again. This is what … Continue reading

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Take out lunch

Or Take Away as they say in London. It’s always nice, especially on a *big* grocery shopping day…. You know we have a world record blizzard coming right?  12-16 inches, within 24 hours, the most ever in a February, ever, … Continue reading

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A new *favorite* restaurant, LOL!

We have a favorite hairdresser, that cuts all of our hairs, Peter, Amanda and even myself, for probably 4ish years?  Peter and I often schedule back to back appointments because you *know* you need a cut every 28 days…..  We … Continue reading

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