Take out lunch

Or Take Away as they say in London.

It’s always nice, especially on a *big* grocery shopping day….

You know we have a world record blizzard coming right?  12-16 inches, within 24 hours, the most ever in a February, ever, ever?  We need groceries and we need sushi.  We also needed sushi making supplies…….  We must *not* have to hike to the grocery for this….

Even grocery store take out Sushi is incredible, when plated up with fresh steamed edamame and home-made spicy sriracha sauce!  Peter  *hung* with the sushi chef, today, for quite a while, and even while speaking different languages, came home wanting to do this ourselves! (Himself I should say…)

Japanese Mayo? Are you familiar with it?

Oh my, it is so very good.  Especially when a squirt of Srirachi sauce is added to it!

It reminds me of the centers of deviled eggs., which are not necessarily my favorite….   Though the ingredients aren’t really much different from good old Hellman’s…..  You should try it if you get a chance.  I’m pretty sure you could work through the entire container pretty quickly even if it’s not *diet* friendly.  Skip the chocolate, go for the mayo, LOL!  Yum!

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1 Response to Take out lunch

  1. Tara says:

    Looks quite good, actually!
    I’ve never had Sushi before, we don’t have any sushi restaurants here. It hasn’t arrived in Greece yet! (or at least Crete!!) LOL!!
    I’ll try if one day…..


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