Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!

How could you go from this solemn looking, high energy, precious, giggling little girl???To this beautiful, thoughtful, most creative, organized, super smart, young lady in just a blink of the eye???It’s not right.

It’s not fair.

But I love you, anyway!!

I hope you have a most fabulous 12th birthday and a year better than any other!

Miss you bunches, text me!

Grandma Lori and PaPa Peter

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!

  1. Rooster says:

    It can’t be. Are you sure she’s 12?!?


  2. Tara says:

    She’s gorgeous!!!

    I can’t believe you have a 12 yo granddaughter!!

    Happy Birthday!! Chronia Polla!!!!
    (Greek blessing for many more years to come!)


  3. Lisa says:

    Lori You must have gotten married at 10 or something!


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