Yes, we did!

We did it!

We made our own sushi.

First the steamed rice has to be mixed, in a wooden bowl, with rice wine vinegar, cut in and cooled appropriately. I just hope we haven't ruined our favorite wooden salad bowl, by putting hot rice into it... (We didn't!)

Ingredients prepared. Perfect avocado, real crab, cucumber matchsticks and fresh yellow fin tuna. Let us not forget the wasabi or the sriracha /mayo sauce. Sushi needs to be zippy, in our opinion.

Yes, these will be mamenori Uramaki rolls. Sticky, sticky!

Topped the rice with toasted sesame seeds, flipped over and now filling with avocado, cuke and crab... I don't do all the work.

Oh and let's not forget what makes it a *spicy* California roll!

And a spicy tuna roll!

Our *famous* asian salad dressing over shredded iceberg with green onions and topped with Wonton goodness!

Half of the finished rolls. Next time we use the entire sheet of mamenori, so that we can get more rice in/on each one. Not a big deal, they et just fine with chopsticks, well mostly. And they definitely didn't go to waste!

Served over our Wasabi Butter Beurre Blanc, with Thai chili sauce! Oh and more spicy sriracha sauce! Never get enough of that!

We learned a lot.

It took longer than we expected.

We loved it even more than we expected.

We stuffed our bellies full, for now…

We’ll do it again.

This is what we do for fun.

It’s a sushi kind of year………

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3 Responses to Yes, we did!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You and Peter are so cool!

    Looks delicious!


  2. Tara says:

    Just added another string to your bow Lori!
    My oh my, how full is your instrument going to be??!! LOL!!! 😀


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