Don’t you just love Amazon?

I love that you can get anything and everything from them.  And the long lists of reviews is *the* most incredible!  I use it to make wise decisions, no matter where I end up spending my money.  I do love supporting local business, I truly do believe that is important, if you don’t support them, you will no longer have the option.  But sometimes Amazon is just so darn tempting……  And they have my credit card on file…..  Sometimes it is just a little too convenient….  We arrived home, today, to find a box at the front door.  And looky looky what was inside!

This book authored by the owner/chef of Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar.  This is the place we first learned to love Sushi!  And some Nori wrappers, I would have had to drive all over town or worse yet, traipse all over Meijer, the Michigan based, Midwest version of Walmart, to find them, and that is so not worth it.  Hey, as a side note did you know college kids can sign up for the Amazon Prime account, for free?  That means free two day shipping for anyone who can hack into their account.  I love it!  Okay, well that works for one year or until they change their password.  Anyway……….

Sansei Restaurant at Kapalua Resort, Maui

This is it!  This is the place!  It was such an amazing experience we contemplating extending out stay just so that we could eat there one more time.  OMGosh, I get the willy nillies just thinking about it.  They make some of the most flavorful sauces it will just make your head spin.  We had an incredible waiter, just a youngster, HS, maybe college age, who explained everything, asked us about our likes, dislikes, our concerns…..  Then brought us what he thought we would enjoy.  He was SO right on!  Obviously we ate most of it before the camera could even focus.

Yes, he can really use chopsticks when he puts his mind to it.

Yum, yum, yum........ Calamari salad, the best calamari we have ever had!

Crème brûlée, back before we were listening to our guts, well, we may have been listening but we were also turning a deaf ear......

After the long drive back to where we were staying, we walked the beach, kicked up our feet and had a nightcap.

I love Maui…….

It’s been too long….

And I need a pedicure …

And Sushi.  Ahhh……..

Now where is that sushi rolling mat Mr. Postman????

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1 Response to Don’t you just love Amazon?

  1. Tara says:

    The food looks good!!!! I have got to try this Sushi stuff!

    And Amazon,OMG!!!!! It is my favoritest place to shop!!!! :)))
    I use it all the time, the UK one though. They ship free to Greece on orders over 25 pounds.
    It really is a life saver for me as I read a lot of books, in English of course, and the English books here are sooooo expensive!
    Around 20 euros a BOOK! Ha! Ridiculous!!
    It also fits in perfectly with my busy lifestyle, you know, shop in the morning during my coffee time and then on to the rest of the day – working out, studying, cooking, cleaning, going to work! Phhff!
    Now, that’s why I need Amazon……..and EBay…….and Victoria Secret’s…..and Bulk Herb Store……and the T-Tapp Store.
    (just sayin…!!! :))) LOL!!!


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