All we do is eat. Seriously.

Eat and workout.  Workout and eat.  That’s it.  Well, that’s how it appears, anyway……. We really do live more interesting lives than it appears.  But cooking, together, is really what we do, together.  We both do our own thing, in our own studios, usually starting out together with coffee, moving on to our workout of the day, then to our separate places to do what we do.  Coming together for lunch, back at it for the afternoon, then back together at 5/5:30 to get dinner going and commiserate on how the afternoon went…  A little TV time and then time to crash, hopefully it is 9pm or later……  Sometimes not. That’s our schedule.

And usually once a week we have lunch with a friend.  A good friend.  A very good friend. It has to be or I wouldn’t give up my mid day……  I live a very busy life, you know? Well…… unless they are willing to go to Little Bangkok, and then they are my new BFF. And I’ll buy.  It is that good.  But sometimes they just volunteer, out of the goodness of their heart, to pay.  Well, unless they lost a bet……  Then it’s not necessarily volunteering, but no one made them pick the loser, now did they????

Tom Kha Gai ~ coconut milk broth, green onion, baby corn, hot as you can handle, oh my goodness, this is the what I live for, kind of soup.  For $5.25 you get a bowl for 2, LOL, it serves 3 with plenty to argue over, for leftovers.  The deal of the day, how hot can *you* handle????

And as my friend, Tara, suggested, we have actually tried to make it.  It wasn’t the same. We couldn’t get all the exact ingredients and now I can’t seem to find the recipe we did use.  All I know, is that it was a video recipe, the ingredients were not typed on the website….. You had to watch the video over and over again.  Surely, I have it copied down, otherwise, we are wiser now and can probably reproduce it even better, though nothing went to waste the first time…  Oh, no.

Pad Curry, never lets you down, here.  This was with chicken, Peter ordered with scallops, the leftovers were combined with my name on them.  Lots of food!

Kow Pad w/chicken, enough for 2 meals……..  This belonged to BFF Gary, who lost the ballgame bet and bought lunch today. He also entertained us.  He is very good at that.

Wow, now I’m starting to feel the need for some spicy leftovers………

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3 Responses to All we do is eat. Seriously.

  1. Tara says:

    Ouuuu Thai food is great! Don’t sell it here though, so it’s a while since I’ve had any. The last time, years ago, I had green tea curry which was delicious!

    Glad you took my advice. Oh, I know, I really am wise for my young years!! ;0
    This is the recipe I found
    Might be easier than the video?

    Your routine sounds heaven! I think I could live with that! LOL!!
    Do you WO together??


    • sewfrench says:

      You are making me *hungry*!
      I have not seen this site, Tara! Thank-you! They have some great looking recipes and now that I know where the Japanese/Chinese/Thai import grocery store is, I am going to have fun! Yes, easier than a video, but still a different recipe. Different is good. I like different, LOL!
      And I *just* recently read a recipe for Green Tea Curry, I had never even heard of it before last week, LOL! That seems so coincidental, maybe it just means I need to make it…… I love all curry’s!
      Peter and I do *usually* workout together. He is still rehabbing his knee, from surgery in October, so he is not allowed on the treadmill, only the bike. Most of the time we workout together, on his *off* days, I Tapp. I need to figure out another location for Tapping, though! Not sure I want him on the bike, watching, oogling me doing LB or OIP/HF….. Just sayin’……..


      • Tara says:

        Yes, currys are great! Kids don’t like them though! LOL!!!
        Hhmmm, yes, maybe not a good idea to WO with Peter watching you.
        You might not finish the WO!!! =:0


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