The Simple Things

What a big surprise I got today!
Stayed up too late, last night, ate too many brownies and slept like crap.

After a 7.5 mile run this morning, sending Grandpa Dick home, finished up a few projects to get in the mail, then lounged around and we watched a wonderful documentary, Blindsight, as I did some quilting. Great movie, by the way, no napping required.

Then…… Peter went out and brought the mail in.  A package for moi??? Really?

What a sweet surprise!

After complaining that I hadn’t seen the hometown, local paper, in forever, what do I receive in the mail?  But the last two months worth of papers!!

Fun, fun, fun!

I have subscribed to this weekly paper, over and over again, I have been gifted it many times, too.  Heck, I even worked there for a buck more than nothing, on Wednesdays, after school, stuffing the out of town papers, into little brown paper sleeves, while in the 5th grade.  Yes, illegal, I’m sure. Now, for some reason, it doesn’t appear than you can get this paper, for more than about three months, before there is *an* issue, and it is not an in your mailbox, kind of issue….  Maybe because they no longer *stuff* them in sleeves???  Well, eventually you get tired of screwing with it, rely on Topix to get *local* news until it is total trash, then on to the online version, except you can only read the headlines, until they stop scanning it in…….  Crap.  Out of the loop.  Then all calls back home have to do with *Did they die or did I just imagine it*, *Who got Homecoming Queen, oh, I went to school with their mom*, *Did I see on FB where so and so’s house burned down?  Who used to own that house*, sort of thing…….. Now, my very own papers, lots of them!

My mind has run amuck!

Thoughts as I devour them slowly…

When did this paper get so small?  Well, it’s always been thin, but narrow, and skimpy thin paper?  I hope they are saving a lot of money!  And I hope *yours* doesn’t get caught in a rain/snowstorm……

Aunt Sis looks great!

Dottie and Annie look *exactly* the same as when I moved away 24 years ago.

My grandson made a spectacular Elvis as the lead in the Christmas play!

You can kill *that* many deer by 6th grade??  Is that legal to have such a small child, with a big gun, out in the woods???

An entire GS troop of Silver Awards, yeah, she is her mother’s daughter!

He looks exactly like his dad did at that age!

Woah!  She is *still* teaching school?

Is every single girl in Cooter a cheerleader?

Way too many fires in this area.  Wonder how many are drug related………

She works at the Bank now?

Hmm, a local upholsterer?  Anyone we know?

Really?  Kindergartens expect ipads for Christmas……..  Who are their parents?

Now Who Is This?  Which local church was that, January 20?  I need to know this one, LOL!  Too many locals that I *think* I know, but I associate them with different churches, in later years…..

She is *still* writing her column???

Wonder what is in the cushions of that couch that has been missing for more than 23 years that someone is trying to find???

I can’t believe she????  Never mind, that’s not very nice, though mentally repeated, often.  Oops…  Small time life, back in your face.

I hope we aren’t related……….

Wow, so many people died recently, old neighbors, first landlord, grandmother of friend, went to church with………..

How nice to snug in and read papers for the rest of the afternoon!

And gloat over having the best big sister in the whole wide world!!!

We always have the bestest times!

Yup, I’m one lucky girl!

I have more of these things we call sisters!

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3 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. Heather McCormack-Moon says:

    Hey, send those to me when you are finished!



    Very Very cool Lori.


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