A new *favorite* restaurant, LOL!

We have a favorite hairdresser, that cuts all of our hairs, Peter, Amanda and even myself, for probably 4ish years?  Peter and I often schedule back to back appointments because you *know* you need a cut every 28 days…..  We do anyway…..  This time, I came in when Peter was about finished and I could see he and Mandy back there whispering, stretching their necks to see if I could see them whispering, talking, laughing….   So as soon as she started in on me, she says, I bet you wondered what all that whispering was about… Well, yeah…….  Well, I can’t say, I said I wouldn’t talk about it.  Oh yeah, he was talking about something I didn’t need to hear…….  He was talking Sushi to a non Sushi eating person. Apparently she doesn’t eat it, but everyone else at Design 1, does…  So she hears about it and knows all about where to go for the good stuff.  Well, easily enough she spilled her guts, to me, and I knew we had a new Sushi option.  And boy is it a good one!

Breton and 44th a mile from my very favorite, too far to go to everyday, fabric store. This makes it a lot easier. And yes, we stopped there after lunch! About 20 minutes from home, an outing, an event, a date.

Great Miso Soup

Great Pinot Grigio

(Bet he wishes he carried was the camera carrying one about now….)

Spicy Tuna and Alaskan Maki

And the Chef's Special. Always a good opportunity to try new things. Shrimp, Salmon, Snapper and Tuna Sushi along with ?? looks like California and maybe Vegetarian Maki.

Tokyo Grill, we will be back.  Maybe tomorrow.  We’ll see…….

I can *always* use more fabric…..

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