I Know, I Know, I Know…….

I’ve been really busy.  I do plan on coming back here.  Hopefully, within the week.  Please don’t give up on me..  LOL!

Many things going on, many at one time, but the one thing that has remained constant in my life for almost 10 years….  T-Tapp.  The T-Tapp forums.  My T-Tapp friends and family.

My life would not be the same if I hadn’t been out looking for a workout video to replace the old Buns of Steel, 10 years ago……..  Thank you, Teresa!  And besides, you are way cuter and totally more effective than Greg ever dreamt of being!

So for now I will just share this link and let you mull over just why I adore Teresa and her expertise…..

My T-Tapp Success Story

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1 Response to I Know, I Know, I Know…….

  1. Tara says:

    Welcome back!!! You have been missed!! :*

    Loved your success story! Yeah for T-Tapp and what it has done for you!


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