Happy Birthday, Spencer!

I can not believe how the years are flying by.

Seems like just yesterday you were diving into Crystal Lake in your clothes……

Crystal Lake July 2005

Loving to dig in the sand.

June 20005

Learning to make sand castles.

And now look at you, practically all grown up.  So smart and nice.  Handsome and cool. Thoughtful and considerate.  Such a great kid.  We’re so proud of you!

Spencer with Papa Peter, Pyramid Point July 2010

And you still love to play in the sand…….

Lake Michigan July 2010

But growing up way too fast….

Can’t wait for  another summer at Crystal Lake.  Playing football in the lake, building sand castles,  kayaking, canoeing and maybe just laying back and reading a good book. Whatcha say?  Make it a date???  We’ve got the chicken fried rice ; )

I hope you have a most fabulous 9th birthday and a year better than any other!

Miss you bunches!

Grandma Lori and PaPa Peter

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1 Response to Happy Birthday, Spencer!

  1. Tara says:

    Oh My Goodness! I can’t imagine having grandkids!! You are so lucky, he looks like a real sweetie!!
    Hope he had a great birthday!!! 😀
    He has a beautiful smile, who does he get that from??


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