What I’m working on…

as I look out my window…

Grand Rapids, MIand the forecast isn’t looking any better, any time soon.


So I am piecing quilt tops. My plan was to use up a bunch of these really old scraps. This is starting to sound like an annual theme to me. I’ve focussed on using up mauves with Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend and then pastels with Sweet Strings. This time the focus was on purples but it looks like I actually pulled a lot of blues, too. It feels like Time Traveling because many/most of these date back to the 1980s and have been seen in dozens of quilts and even some clothes! This is lap quilt sized coming in at 60″ x 72″.

Scrappy Trip Around the WorldAnd as long as I have all this fabric scattered about… I decided to play with 1 1/2″ finished squares and some 3″ finished half squared triangle blocks. I know this is a classic quilt pattern, I just can’t remember its name. Do you know?

Scrappy quilt

So that’s what I’m doing, while I’m suffering from cabin fever, how about you???

Fabric Tuesday


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11 Responses to What I’m working on…

  1. claire93 says:

    gorgeous colours and bbrrrrrrrr – looks cold outside !


  2. Kathy says:

    I envy you the snow. We got a little over the weekend and it’s slowly but surely meltin. 😦

    I am curious as to the name of that pattern! Gorgeous way of using up some scraps!


    • sewfrench says:

      Oh, Kathy, you were one of the people I was hoping could tell me the name of this block! Thanks! And the snow is pretty, for a little while, especially when you don’t have to get out in it. If I have my way dinner plans are make do, with whatever we have on hand, for the unforeseeable future!


  3. Diana says:

    Fabric & color make the winter bright!


  4. m.b. says:

    Winter beauty! 🙂 The fabrics are so pretty…is it an around the block quilt? m.b.


    • sewfrench says:

      The first one is a scrappy version of an Around the World quilt. The second one is the one I can’t find the name of. I know I didn’t just dream it up, there have been way to many quilters before me to have done that!


  5. wombatquilts says:

    Your scrappy squares are fabulous. I can not wait to see this quilt grow.


  6. Your scrappy WIP look fab. I too am suffering from cabin fever but for different reasons than yours. I wish we had a bit of snow falling here in the UK. Thanks for sharing your progress while inspiring us to use up our scraps.


  7. mtetar says:

    What patience can produce. It’s beautiful. Blessings, Mtetar


  8. I love to do half square triangles and I have a big popcorn tin of squares that are already cut. They aren’t 2 inches as I thought but a little larger.
    I need to figure out….if I make 9 patches then what size squares I need to make the half square triangles. I can also ask at the quilt shop or at guild for guidance.
    I just really want to get some projects going with the little squares!


  9. Allison says:

    Myself, I’m already tired of the snow and cold!

    I love your HST scrappy quilt. It’s just so different yet simple. Love it.


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