Hand Stitching

Watching the series House of Cards while hand stitching a binding. Loving the first season of this series starring Kevin Spacey. It sucked us in from the beginning. And since we no longer subscribe to Netflix, I wonder how delayed season 2 will be coming to the rest of us…

Hand Stitched binding

I wish I understood why some quilters insist on sewing bindings on by machine. I do think a hand stitched one holds up just as well and looks 1000 times better. I do a slip stitch and about every 10 stitches, 3-4 inches, I add a knot and continue on. I don’t cut the thread, I just start to take the stitch, then wrap the thread two or three times around the needle, then pull the stitch on through and continue on. I’ve never had a binding come loose. Ever.

Tell me I am not alone here. 4 hours of TV time, book on tape, music listening… and a big, a really big quilt binding is done.

Also working on piecing some fabric for another project. And I should do some pick up clean up around here. Looks worse than a pigsty.

Piecing fabric

What are you working on this week?
Fabric Tuesday

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10 Responses to Hand Stitching

  1. Oh, I LOVE to do bindings by hand! Thanks for the tip of making a knot every so often. I hadn’t thought of that but very good idea. Especially with kiddie quilts. This week I’m working on a big quilt for a friend. Trying to get it off the longarm so I can do the binding. 😉


  2. I do all my bindings by hand too–I don’t mind and I prefer the way hand-sewn bindings look to those machine sewn. Thanks for your tip re working in an occasional knot. That’s a nice insurance policy!


  3. I do a lot of machine work – piecing and quilting, but I really prefer to hand stitch the binding. It’s a nice relaxing finish to all my hard work. I never thought of taking an occasional know either – what a great tip!


  4. Cille says:

    Ha ha… We could be sisters. I too was sucked into House of Cards from the first episode and I LOVE handsewing the binding too


  5. Julie Fukuda says:

    As you may know by now, I do everything by hand. When sewing on the bindings, I often take back stitches. I have never had any come off either. My daughter called from Oregon to ask how to turn the corners by machine. I told her to stop near the corner and turn them by hand. Machine? I have no idea!
    A pig sty might be an improvement to my place. At least, pigs do not have long hair which they shed the whole year around!


  6. bittygirl51 says:

    I will have to check it out on NetFlix…always looking for something new to watch when I’m hand sewing. I machine stitch my binding – on the front side, then flip. press and hand sew second side. I use a “blind stitch” and enjoy this time. Friday night during Undercover Boss and Shark Tank is usually “sewing on binding” time. It’s the only night I devote to TV.


  7. Katie says:

    I totally agree with you on both House of Cards and hand binding. I’ve tried machine binding several times, but I think it’s just ugly. Besides, there’s no better way to pass the time while my husband is watching yet another hockey game on tv…..


  8. I watched House of Cards from start to finish one weekend last winter while sorting and wrapping my stash on comic boards. I couldn’t stop! I think I might rewatch it before the new season comes out actually. I enjoy doing binding both ways – machine for my donation quilts and hand for most everything else. Good tip re the knots! Nothing better than hand stitching during football season.


  9. mandymunroe says:

    I recently decided to try binding by machine and didn’t like the look at all. So back to hand stitching to finish, a relaxing wind down from a project 🙂


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