No, Mr. Snow, you may not come in.

Groundhog Dump Day, aka, Blizzard of 2011.  Record breaking 24 hour snow for February 1, February 2, February in general, and still debating the all time record setting 24 hour snow storm.  The debate is whether or not the Blizzard of 1978 was bigger.  I have heard the tales and I do not believe we can ever live up to it’s legend.  We’ll see what the record keepers decide……..

Personally, for us, this our biggest hit.  Winter of 2009 was comparable.  It was the last time a Blizzard warning was issued.  It was big.  But GVSU didn’t cancel classes, then, and they did, today, ahead of time, even.  Yay for all the 4th year college students experiencing one of their few, college life, snow days!!!  Go ahead and wear those pj’s inside out and backwards, one more day.  It can’t hurt.

Oh, and by the way, Punxsutawney Phil emerged, just after dawn, this morning, to look for his shadow. He didn’t find it.  Spring is Near!!!  Right…….

Ready to get started, look at the garage door imprint in snow, even after the door raked up it, LOL!

Pretty much 15″ everywhere, here, at 8am, it only got worse… until sometime after noon.

Nice drifts, 20" here.

The snow was higher here/now than the snowblower.  See the ledge the blower cut? 27″ here.

You could only *eat* about a 4-5" wide path at a time, just too much snow to handle. Good thing we got up early!

Drifts were more than 36″ in some places.

You mean there is a circle drive out there? Good thing we were gifted the super tall stakes this year!


Mr. UPS man *has* to have a path...... seriously.

Pile envy, right???

Who da man??? Peter, da man! Be envious, just look at that pile! Yes, Life is Good!

You can barely make out the giant chicken, to the left, in the collapsed tree. Bet he wishes he was at The Roos farm... They take better care of their poultry....


The sun come out and made it a beautiful, fresh evening!


Out the dining room slider... Glad we can get to the grill, now. I just hope we don't need to exit through this stairway... Where is that sled when you need it?

2 1/2 hours later........


and what did *you* do for a workout today???



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6 Responses to No, Mr. Snow, you may not come in.

  1. Rooster says:

    My ladies were right & tight in their coop today– a steam 40+ degrees in there– wouldn’t want the eggs to freeze. But you can be they weren’t venturing outside, they would disappear in this snow. Even the cows were unhappy about walking in snow that touched their bellies in some areas of the pasture!!


  2. sewfrench says:

    So are you thinking of shoveling or plowing the cows more space? ; )



    Great Lori. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Love the look of your house also.


  4. Tara says:

    Awww, Lori, you really are trying to make me envious now, aren’t you?!
    I am meticulously studying every picture, drinking it in!! You are soooo lucky!! (I know you may not agree!) LOL!!
    Now, if only I could study my books with such enthusiasm! 🙂


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