Oh, how my garden grows!

Growing celery pinterestRemember when I told you I had read that you could take the base end of a vegetable, in this case celery, and plant it directly into the ground and have it take root and regrow? If you remember, I soaked the root end, of this organic celery stalk, in a small dish of water, for a couple of days, and saw no evidence of anything. What the heck, I thought. People on Pinterest said it worked to re-grow celery. Others said they had nothing but leaves past ten days. Well, we stuck it in the ground for a definitive answer. 73 days later…

We have celery! Beautiful, crisp celery. Oh, how I love celery! If you know me, you know I eat it almost everyday. There must be some vitamin or trace mineral, in it, that my body craves or maybe it just goes back to my Native American heritage. They were big celery eaters, too. And since there are so many health benefits and relatively no calories… Crunch, crunch, crunch, you can hear me coming!

I actually received celery seeds, as part of a Mother’s Day gift, and decided they took more time, than we had, and possibly more space, than we could allow, so we opted out of planting them, this year. So when I read about planting the part of the vegetable that you generally toss into the compost pile, into a planter instead, I thought it was a brilliant alternative and possibly time saver if this actually would create a plant.

Okay, it’s not a huge stalk, but it is not a huge plant, either. But it is celery. In a pot. The largest ribs are about 5/8″ in diameter. Overall it is about 16″ tall. The leaves are so thick and healthy, very reminiscent of a flat leaf parsley. They are going to be fabulous in a big pot of stock! And the plant isn’t the 4 foot plant, I feared when reading my seed package. And now I’ve cut the cost basis of one celery stalk in half. Or, as I prefer to think of it, buy one, get one free! I’ll take a BOGO deal anyday!

I also have two leeks! These are the same ones as in the first photo. The base part left over from making Asparagus soup. Okay, one is laying down, resting. It’s been a long hot summer. But hey, it works! So successful were the leeks that they even put on scapes. I hear that when they are sautéed they taste like asparagus. We shall see!

It’s looking like I might soon be making a variation of my Potato Leek soup. Celery, Asparagus Leek soup soups good to me!


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2 Responses to Oh, how my garden grows!

  1. Lisa says:

    I will try to remember this in the future. Of course, I threw away an end of a celery stalk just yesterday and I am NOT digging it out! 🙂


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