Pinterest Addiction

Do you Pin?  Are you Pinterest~ing?  Are you a Pinterest~ista?

I was invited, by the team, back in the beginning, before I even knew what I was getting into.  I quickly realized I didn’t have the time to get involved then.  But I do now.  Sort of. I say sort of because once you get started there is never enough time for all the looking there is to do!

I’m sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about….  It’s a really cool website with an easy way to keep your ideas, in scrapbook form, by pinning them on “boards” in themes that you create. If you visit a website and see something that you want to remember, just “pin it” on your board. All the proper credits and difficulties of uploading images are done by the Pinterest site. Oh my, I could brainstorm on this site for days…

I have seen a lot of these felted flower fall wreaths and seeing that I didn’t have one, I decided I needed one.  Like yesterday.

Maybe like this one?


Or this one??


Or a combination of the two?

If you do a Pinterest search and you’ll find all kinds of  really cool ones.  So off I go, with my coupons in hand, to my local craft store to pick up a grapevine wreath.  I went with the 18″.  I had a stack of wool felt, in fall colors, on hand, so then all I needed was a glue gun.  That worked….

My trusty Parker has finally decided to just eat the glue.  You put it in and it never comes out.  I know it was at least 14 years old because youngest daughter remembers burning her fingers, until she had blisters, using him when making a dimensional pyramid poster, in 4th grade.  I just learned that yesterday while mourning Parker.  Not sure where I was or where her trusty bowl of ice water was….  But I digress…  I guess Parker was hungry after all these years….  So now that he’s been retired and replaced I whipped this out just in time for the throngs of trick or treaters knocking on my door!

And my creation

Have you created anything you’ve seen on Pinterest??

Need a referral for a Pinterest account?  Leave me a message and I’ll send you an invite then I can follow you and see what you are into.

So many ideas, so little time……….  Check it out!


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7 Responses to Pinterest Addiction

  1. Kim Jacques says:

    I’m scared to hit the link………


  2. Carly Frates says:

    I love it! Also, I’m very sorry for your glue-gun-loss. 😉


  3. laura says:

    Love the wreath! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? So I couldn’t reply to your email.
    Are you interested in creating a French mugrug for the mugrug world tour? Don’t have anyone from France yet!


    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks, Laura!
      I do realize I am a no-reply blogger. It’s not intentional, it comes that way with WordPress. I think they believe it forces you to visit the blogger you are talking to. That’s the good part, the bad part is almost everyone else is a Blogger and they don’t like to leave messages, for the most part….
      And I hate to tell you that I’m not from France! My last name is French. LOL My daughter told me I was going to have this issue with the blog world being global. You’ve got some great mug rugs going on and since I have never made one and *need* some, I might give it a go anyway!! Thanks for taking the time to talk to a no-replyer!


  4. Jake says:

    Can I get an invite?


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