Creativity is Alive and Well!

If you are visiting from the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, welcome! Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad you’re here!

There are over 600 quilts entered as I write this, and I’ve only made it through about half of them. So many great pieces, I am in awe at the ability to connect with SO many talented people, so easily!!

I started out by using Pinterest to track my favorites, but that didn’t last long when I started running into bloggers who don’t like to be pinned. I guess I’m oblivious to the pain… So… I’ve started making notes on scrap paper. I hope I can make sense of it all, when voting starts.

Voting for your overall favorite has started. To do that you click on the star associated with the quilt you best like here.
Nominations are now open here, put the number of your favorite quilt for each category.
Voting for the top five in each of the categories will be here November 5-8

And as a reminder ; ) …

Out of this World scrap quilt

Entry #96
September 2012
70″ x 55″
Machine pieced
Hand quilted: by myself, Lori French
Special technique: Bias binding appliqued, Hand Quilting
Best Category for the BQF:
Wall hanging, Scrap quilt, or Art Quilt


I told you I was involved in some fabric swaps, right? Immediately my mailbox started filling up! It is so exciting!!

With 13 of 15 of my packages received, 50 different pieces from 13 different people for a total of 650 little squares, how many duplicates do you think I got??????


One pretty little fabric that I got two of. Isn’t that bizarre?
I think so. I know there is a lot of fabric out there, but come on, that is crazy!

I have a ton of fabric, cabinets and baskets overflowing, right? Guess how many of these I already owned?


Five little pieces out of 650. And guess what? These are not even any that I cut to share. So hopefully others got as few duplicates as I did!! What fun! If you have not tried a swap before, go for it. If you go to Flickr you can search for fabric swaps and find something going on all the time. Next time I spot an interesting one I’ll be sure and share it before the last minute!

I have to figure out what I’m going to do with them. I’ve already made a postage stamp quilt and that feels like a once in a lifetime kind of quilt! Actually, that one was made with much, much smaller squares, so this could be a piece of cake? Today I drug out old quilting books, looking for inspiration for the perfect “something old is something new” kind of quilt. But for now I’m waiting on my little packages from the other swap I signed up for to arrive. Then, I’ll get those sorted and decide which way I’ll go with them all.

Right now, I should probably pick up all this mess and get back to the secret Christmas present I started in July, promptly lost and happily found just today! So excited to have found it and still love it! I can’t wait to share that later!

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9 Responses to Creativity is Alive and Well!

  1. mamaraby says:

    Love the quilt and the fabric is lovely!


  2. citricsugar says:

    I’m STAGGERED that that’s your only duplicate. WOW! Awesome swap… I might have to try that in the future.

    And keeping track of those entries… so tricky. This year, I opened a word processor document, wrote all the categories down, and then added numbers as I fell in love with them, updating as I went through each. So far, so good. (PS – yours is on the list!)


  3. Mandy says:

    wow! Look at all those pretty squares! Lucky you! That is cool that there are so few duplicates! Amazing!


  4. Nicole Tarpey says:

    I like being pinned 😉 There is a book with ideas for charms, I have it but can’t find it. I think it’s called Little Bits?


  5. Teje says:

    Hi! Your quilt is so beautiful and full of colours! I started with pen and paper but then ‘remembered’ the pinterest. I have pinned there lots of my favourites and fortunately only few were not pin-able.
    Your new fabrics are fantastic! How great that they are all different! x Teje


  6. Foster says:

    I really do love this quilt as I said in your previous post. So I will be happy to vote for it. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


  7. Karen M says:

    Your quilt “Out of this World” is fantastic. I’m glad I got to see it with the help of the Bloggers Festival!


  8. birdiequilts says:

    I love your quilt. Really great effect with the circles.Glad that I got to see your quilt via the Bloggers Festival!


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