Mess making…

Daughter came home to visit over the weekend and to pick up things she left behind, when she moved out, that she now decided she needed. Of course, while here, she popped down into my studio to pick up things she needed from there, too. She questioned why is it SO clean? I guess I hadn’t noticed… I was tempted to say because she moved out? LOL! But that wouldn’t be true…. I just hate to leave town with it a mess and we haven’t been back, from Italy, long enough for me to trash it.


That was Saturday.

I can’t show you what it looks like today. It is bad. I have days and days of fabric folding and putting away to do.

But I can show you this.

The trimmings. I am so sick of saving the littlest, tiniest scraps. I mean, today alone, I created this mess. Some people save even the tiniest of scraps….. for someday.

I did get these candy squares cut today. If you aren’t familiar with the term, they are these tiny 2 1/2″ cuts of fabric. 15 packages of 50 different fabric squares cut at 2 1/2″ for an I Want Candy swap. (I know I should have shared this swap sooner, but I wasn’t sure I was going to take part until the very last-minute.)

Got them all addressed and to the post office, too!

Then as I was reading through the comments I spotted another 2 1/2″ swap that had the same deadline.

Right now!

What the heck, I’m already going to be dragging out a whole lot of mess, I might as well, keep cutting.

These packages each have 100 different, and different from each other, fabric squares. *Plus* this swap offered you the opportunity to donate squares to new quilters that might not have enough variety to participate in these swaps. So, oh, yeah, I must cut more to donate!! I love helping new quilters build their stash. We were all there once, right?

I have no idea what I am going to do with all this wonderful variety of little squares I hope to receive back… If you have any brilliant ideas? I’ll be happy to listen! But boy is it addicting!

But I wasn’t done yet. Oh, no.

About once a week I click-through my Groups over at Flickr to see what is new. Lo and behold another 5″ Liberty charm swap is happening! This one there is still time to join in on the fun, if you want. This is the third round I’ve participated in and I have quite the collection of these little beauties going on. Still working out ideas of what I might do with all them. They are so gorgeous, I really just want to look at them, at this point.

Tell me, are you a swapaholic? How/Where do you find them???

One nice thing about swapping is that as all these packages start arriving in the mailbox, I can feel proud to tell the hubs that no, I did not buy more fabric, I am only supporting the Post Office. Nothing more.

So for now, I’ll take out the trash, put the blinders on to any more swaps and get folding and putting away thousands of pieces of fabric. Just after I replace my rotary cutter blades. Because I am sure I will come up with some brilliant idea to keep me from actually cleaning up this mess, today….

But for tonight,

I’ll continue on  my hand quilting project, as I watch the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. So glad I have a project prepped for all these ballgames!

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7 Responses to Mess making…

  1. Thank you for this post! I am so guilty of saving scraps of fabric for well over 12 years now. I have never heard of fabric swaps. I put on an annual clothes swap and have participated in plants swaps, but I am excited to learn more about fabric swaps. Thanks again for the info. Take care, Anna


    • sewfrench says:

      Hope you find some perfect swaps, now that you know they exist!
      If you use a Google reader or WordPress reader (probably others, too), you can put in a search for “Swap” and probably find some. You can also search at Flickr.
      Once you find one usually you’ll find links to more!


  2. citricsugar says:

    I have been guilty of keeping teeny tiny scraps but I also have been making use of them. It seems sometimes like they multiply when I’m not looking. I DID wheedle down an extra-large ziplock full of crumbs into various square sizes last week which felt awesome, and then used a bunch immediately! YAY. But they can seem like a lot of work sometimes. I have yet to sign up for an organized swap.

    WIth your incoming candy, you could try doing a postage stamp, an I Spy or a Trip Around the World…


    • sewfrench says:

      Crumbs! I like that!
      I am thinking of a postage stamp variety…. I did a queen size one, with 1″ finished blocks, years ago and the hand quilting of all those seams still haunt me, LOL!
      2″ finished will be MUCH better!!

      Glad to see you back posting!!


  3. Elita says:

    I would love to join a Liberty swap but the link takes me to a Flickr page that says it’s private. How do we join up? I need more Liberties to stroke. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing your Diamonds are a Girls best friend and think that should be my next project. Beautiful! Thanks


    • sewfrench says:

      The one that I participate in is found if you search for “Liberty of London Charm Swap” in Flickr. I don’t recall it being private, but do remember someone else saying they had a problem with that, too.
      I’m guessing when you find it, there will be a place to request an invite. New people are joining all the time and they welcome new swappers.
      Hope to see you over there!!


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