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Zucchini Mini Muffin Bites

There are so many of these tempting zucchini mini muffin bite recipes out there, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogland… Have you seen them? And all their variations?? If not, I’m not sure where you have been hanging out, but start noticing, you’ll … Continue reading

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The competition is on.

A good friend of mine used to make, hands down, the very best taco dinners. And a big part of what made them so good was her refried beans. They were absolutely the best. Ever. She probably still does, but … Continue reading

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Coconut Banana smoothie

When I make a green smoothie it is usually for its nutrient dense qualities not as a way to get in more fruit. Fruit is easy, right? Since we gave up dairy, yes, ice cream is dairy, we sometimes find … Continue reading

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Cilantro Lovers’ Perfect Guacamole

Oh, the cilantro is just about out of control and the avocados I bought several days are in their prime, that means it’s Taco Tuesday! ¬†We’re cooking it up at home this week. Seems like, as the years have passed, … Continue reading

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