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It’s just what I always wanted!!

One of our girls used to exclaim that as only a 4-year-old can. I’m not sure if she didn’t know how to respond to a gift, she didn’t ask for, or if it really was “just what she always wanted!”. … Continue reading

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Can you smell us coming?

Several years ago my husband and brother-in-law were participating in the Customer in Residence program at the┬áThomas Moser studios in Freeport, Maine. If you aren’t familiar with Freeport it is the home of the Moser furniture empire and an old-fashioned … Continue reading

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Another example of how to choke down your vitamins.

Blueberries anyone? As one of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries have been found to be a superfood, so good for you that you should go out of your way to eat them. They neutralize free radicals, protect … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil Giveaway!

Yes, two posts in one day, it is unheard of. And my first attempt at using “Press This”. A new, to me, blog opportunity. Let’s see if this works! You know I am a huge proponent of the health benefits … Continue reading

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Do we really need multi vitamins?

If we are eating well, we shouldn’t. And if we are trying, really hard, to get in all our RDA of nutrition and aren’t doing it with simple, close to nature versions, of those nutrients, we can easily run the … Continue reading

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