What’s your latest favorite quilt?

This is again the fabulous time of year, I get so excited, I can hardly stand it. Tied to the computer, inspired and uplifted with so many beauties to start the ideas swirling faster than my brain can handle.

It is Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Week!  Where bloggers share a quilt that they would like to share.  It’s such fun to look at all the fabulous quilts being made, all around the world.  Very much the camaraderie of creative people! Everyone willing to share a comment and a compliment. Quilters are very generous that way.

This year I want to share the quilt I finished up on the way to the birth of my newest grand baby, Amelia Jean. It is my latest and so far my most favorite of the year.

Last Christmas Eve, while sitting around opening gifts, our daughter and her husband presented each of us with a Christmas card and a personal note in each. Mine said:

DSC_0220I knew it. I just knew it! It was a very special gift that brought on tears, as you can well imagine, especially with this being their first child.

We had a wonderful time seeing the Lion King, and it is interesting that the last quilt I created for this daughter, was in 2007. I called it The Circle of Life. How about that?!

The real gift came another 8 months later.

Heart quiltIsn’t she just the most precious thing???

You know I have to show off baby Amelia before you get caught up in the actual quilt! Isn’t she the sweetest, most alert baby, at just a day old???

Okay, back to the quilt I’m sharing today. I call it Head Over Heels in Love. For obvious reasons. 🙂 For those who haven’t already read the rest of the story, and where you will find more pictures, check them out here, where I originally shared this quilt made with my Liberty of London tana charms. I knew I was saving them for a very special quilt, I just didn’t know it how special!

charm quilt by Sewfrench

“Head Over Heels in Love” *
Baby quilt category
August 21, 2012
36″ x 36″
A Sewfrench original
Machine pieced by myself
Hand Quilted by myself
(because everyone deserves a hand-quilted quilt)
Liberty of London Tana Lawn
Michael Miller Cotton Couture
Quilter’s Dream cotton batting

Tutorial here.

Be careful with your voting, it looks like you vote above your pick, this year. Or maybe it has now changed to clicking on the heart within the photo.

Vote for your favorite Baby Quilt here.

View my Art Quilt, “Take a Hike” here.
Vote for your favorite Art quilt here.

One vote per category. One vote per IP address/ wired vs. wireless…. device, I believe.

So many more quilts to see, pour yourself a drink, grab a snack and have some fun! Maybe I’ll run into you there, in the comment sections, for sure!


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15 Responses to What’s your latest favorite quilt?

  1. Perfect quilt for a sweet little girl. Lovely!


  2. Audrey says:

    That baby is so adorable! And the quilt is almost as cute as she is! It’s such a lovely quilt. And obviously such a special grandbaby if you used Liberty! 🙂


  3. Charlotte says:

    what a sweet, beautiful quilt – and Amelia looks so precious! Enjoy the festival 🙂


  4. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love everything about this quilt! Your hand quilting really gives it that perfect vintage feel. What a lucky granddaughter 🙂


  5. mtetar says:

    Special!!! Hope the win is yours. Blessings, Mtetar


  6. Your quilt is lovely . . . and your granddaughter is absolutely adorable!


  7. Ruthann says:

    Congrats on the new addition to your family. Your grand daughter is beautiful. The quilt is beautiful too!


  8. marjorie says:

    Adorable little quilt!


  9. Mary C in WA says:

    The name fits this quilt! Sew perfect for your Sweet New Granddaughter. I got a similar Christmas gift last year…a Pacifier and Onesie with a note that said “Return to sender on or around Auguest 4th” Totally the best calling we have- being Grandma’s


  10. citricsugar says:

    It’s beautiful! I can only imagine how lovely it feels with all that lawn and hand-quilting. Lucky babe, indeed!


  11. sarahschraw says:

    This is so sweet. Sometimes I really get in the mood to take a break from my usually funkiness in favor of something really soft and pretty. This fits the bill!


  12. textisle says:

    Love it, you found the perfect pattern to show off those gorgeous fabrics AND the perfect person to give it to!


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