Double zippered, open wide pouch

An original bag, loosely adapted from Noodle-head’s medium-sized, open wide, zippered pouch.

Double zippered Sewfrench bag
This one is for my husband. He doesn’t get zippered pouches made for him nearly often enough. I am really lacking in the guy fabric department but I think this birch fabric worked out great. I’m thinking he’ll use it for electronics when we travel, but who knows?

Double zippered Sewfrench bag

So you can get a feel for how big this one is, I used a 14″ zipper across the top and a 9″ one for a shallow zippered pocket, I inserted along the front seam. I am envisioning using that pocket for the Fit bit charger, camera cards, adapters or maybe thumb drives, small things that are easily lost. I like that I boxed the corners really wide, on this one. 4 inches! It gives it a lot of depth for computer chargers, phone chargers, razor chargers…. Maybe you get the picture, maybe not. With him having his own nice sized, zippered pouch, maybe he will carry my chargers, too!

A Sewfrench original

Finished at 13″ x 7.5 ” by 4″.

I trimmed out the back panel with a piece of the same marbled green I used as zipper tabs. In my brain they match the zipper exactly, the natural daylight causes it to absorb more light, I suppose, to where it doesn’t come off matching as well, on the monitor as it does in real life. Why is that? You’ve seen it happen, too, right??

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22 Responses to Double zippered, open wide pouch

  1. mtetar says:

    Very nice and a great style for a Summer Cooler. Have a Bless Mother’s Day! Always, Mtetar


  2. selina says:

    Good luck with getting help carrying your wires. The bag is terrific. Love the idea of the pocket for the little things. Great job. (here from whoop, whoop)


  3. sophie says:

    I get the picture and think it will be great for organizing/traveling with all those electronic bits and pieces.


  4. what a great adaptation! I was lucky enough to receive one of this wide zipper bags as part of a swap and I love it!


  5. Neat bag, your husband will be so organised on his travels!


  6. I love the zip in the bottom. I am sure Your DH will love it.


  7. What great ideas of a traveling pouch. I ended up using stacks of plastic bags the last time I traveled, and they worked, but this would be so much better. The second, small pocket was a great idea. That way everything can be together, but you can handle the small stuff so much easier in a small pocket.


  8. Susie says:

    Great idea! I love the fabrics!


  9. Heather says:

    I love the birch fabric with the green. Beautiful!


  10. salliesue says:

    That is a great traveling pouch – I may have to make one myself! Whoop whoop for you!!


  11. citricsugar says:

    Your fabric choices could not have been better! Wow – that birch print (I need some of that….!) with the lime and grey? Very modern masculine. 🙂 Gorgeous job, Lori!


  12. Carrie P. says:

    I love the tree fabric. I think your hubby will really like it.


  13. Elizabeth says:

    That is a really nice pouch! You did such a beautiful job with it. Guy fabrics are hard to come by, but I think that birch fabric fits the bill. Congrats on a great finish and thanks for linking up!

    xo -E


  14. i love your design and am trying to make one for my son. could you help me with the bottom pocket? i think i can suss it out, but if you had a mini tutorial, i would really love some help. thanks. love your project & colors. love the pop of color next to the masculine gray. i struggle with masculine colors myself.


  15. Mai says:

    Hi… I’m in love with the bag & the pocket…I’ve made the noodle head bag before but wanted to know how you made the smaller zipper pouch/pocket?


  16. Christine says:

    J’adore ! Elle est très jolie.
    Je me demande comment vous avez rajouté la petite poche devant. Pouvez-vous m’expliquer ?
    Bonne fin d’année.


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