Strawberry jelly toast for dessert tonight!

My favorite.
On biscuits.
On ice cream.
On pancakes.
But best of all, on a spoon.

According to my Facebook friends freezer jam wins both the taste test and the ease factor. One thing I love about freezer jam is that since you don’t cook the mixture,  it tastes really fresh. I don’t have a shortage of freezer space so that is the way I went, again, this year. Definitely less to clean up when you are not water bath canning it. I use the recipe in the box of SureJell and can’t imagine there is a better one out there, but if there is let me know!

And just so you/I know, 3 quarts of berries makes 16 cups of jam, with berries to spare. Meaning you will need 3 boxes of SureJell, not 2. And when you are making jam alone, you have no one to run to the store for one more box. But it also means you get to lick ALL the spoons!

While I was at the store, again…. I picked up coupons for SureJell/Certo/Pectins buy 2, get free sugar, up to $2, which is a free 2# bag. I now have enough SureJell, and sugar, for the next 3 years of jelly making. Next year, I will NOT have to stop in the middle of mashing berries to go get more… And free makes everything better.

Just another wonderful thing about spring in Michigan. Strawberries.

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6 Responses to Strawberry jelly toast for dessert tonight!

  1. citricsugar says:

    Jam is totally on my list this summer. Haven’t made any in years but I have a hankering for nectarine freezer jam so as soon as the fruit starts rolling in from BC this year….


    • sewfrench says:

      Nectarine, hmmm… I think all the stone crops around here were destroyed by frost because everything bloomed too early. I’ve never had it, it sounds interesting, similar to a peach jam, I’d guess…


  2. Mary Ann says:

    My 91 yr old aunt has been making rhubarb jam for quite some time! She even made some this year! Love your blog…………


  3. Jan H says:

    Hi, Lori

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the easy-peasy baby quilt. I don’t know what the fabric is — no info left on selvages. It came as a “kit” with a dorky looking pattern which I promptly discarded.

    I am coveting your strawberry goodness! Jan


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